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If you are an Engineering student or professionals then we have some good news for you. Casio has released their latest version of Scientific Calculator called “Casio ClassWiz“. They have significantly improved on display and added up lots of new fewatures for the first time in Scientific Calculator history. When the era of classic calculators as are slowly becoming part of the story, they were replaced by multi-functional Apps on smartphones. Then Casio has come up with lots of new features that will enhance the power of calculation to the engineers.

Casio, a Japanese manufacturer of engineering calculators are the standard ergonomics, the highest possible value for the specified function, which is used by engineering students and experts from various fields of knowledge. In the last couple of years there was not much models & improvements on Scientific calculators, Very recently Casio has announced a new series of scientific calculators — a top-end engineering models-

  1. fx-991EX, (Buy Casio ClassWiz fx-991EX Online)
  2. fx-570EX,
  3. fx-350EX
  4. fx-82EX.

What’s new on this ClassWiz series of Scientific Calculators?

Literally, Casio has introduce this new series of Scientific Calculator to satisfy and to meed the needs of modern Engineering students. They have done lots of research and developed according the the modern student’s need.

Better Display:

Now all smart phone and other gadgets coming with high resolution displays, then why there won’t be any improvements on calculator display? Casio ClassWiz come up with a big revolution with better and more clear display which is 4X better than any older version. There is a big change on the Menu bar, now you can see it as grid with thumbnails. The information which is displayed on the LCD-display 12 096 points. The resolution made by technology film-compensated super-twisted pneumatic (FSTN) display based on the monochrome passive matrix film compensation required for the expansion of viewing angles, four times higher than previous models this parameter. This allows you to work with complex formulas and a larger number of mathematical symbols on the small screen with much more comfort than before.

QR Code Feature:

This is the first time Casio ClassWiz Calculator has a QR code feature on the calculator industry. Now if you wish, you can convert the calculation or complex charts or even spreadsheet into QR code and simply scan by your smartphone or tablet PC or any other hand held devices. This QR code features definitely will help to search online for more info or just to share the whole things. The owner of this Casio fx-991EX will be able to transfer to their smartphone or tablet display is entered in the calculator formula and the results are ready.

Spreadsheet Feature:

The main feature of Casio fx-991EX is Spreadsheet, That means, it supports tables that significantly simplify interaction with the calculator when using recurrence formulas and filling statistics. In addition, this option provides automatic output of results more complex calculations, which gives the new product an advantage over previous versions of engineering calculators from Casio.

Power & Batteries:

This new series of ClassWiz Casio Calculator used in the calculator LR44 batteries and miniature solar panels. If you buy with dual power, then you don’t have to worry about the power, but if you bought the battery powered model, then according to the manufacturer, it will last for 2 years of work on the basis of one hour of work a day.

Buttons and Body Design:

On Casio Classwiz series all models comes with nice design of dot and zigzag body design instead of plain plastic. In fx-991EX they have made the buttons more attractive with shiny metal. All models comes with case to cover it up. As usual it comes with loads of big books as user manuals to study and understand all new features to get the best performance out of it.

Originally published at on January 8, 2016.

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