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Casio Graphing Calculator” is an advance & portable handheld computing device. Beside many other series of Calculators like- desk calculator, Classroom Calculator, Scientific Calculator this Graphing calculator series is for advance works and capable of plotting graphs, spreadsheets, solving simultaneous equations and performing many other tasks with variables. This Casio Graphing Calculator is a Programmable Calculator and it’s very much compatible to transfer data & programs from Calculator to Computer and vice versa. Some graphing Calculator also able to transfer data with additional SD card. This series of Casio calculator also allows user to to create customized programs, typically for scientific/engineering and education applications.

Casio has produce the first commercial Graphing Calculator in 1985. Casio continuously improved and introduce latest technology on this Programmable Graphing Calculator and the latest addition of CASIO FX-9860GII SD is an advanced Graphing Calculator that supports SD card. This FX-9860GII SD graphical calculator is one of the best affordable and useful to many professionals across the world. Even though some cases this programable Calculator is not permitted on exams but it can really help teachers and students to understand the mathematics and graphs more deeply. This types of Graphing Calculator is suitable for many research, specially when its attached to other devices like electronic thermometers, pH gauges, weather instruments, decibel and light meters, accelerometers, and other sensors and therefore function as data loggers, as well as WiFi or other communication modules for monitoring, polling and interaction with the teacher. Student laboratory exercises with data from such devices enhances learning of math, especially statistics and mechanics.

Key Features and Functions:

This calculator has all the functions that a traditional and scientific calculator generally has. Beside that it has some special features that makes this Graphical calculator really helpful for the Research and helps scientist to get more accurate reports easily. Big size computer of laptops may not be suitable to carry every where but with this very handy and portable device can solve many complex mathematical problems on the spot. This calculator is very much useful for Mechanical and Civil Engineers to analyse quick reports for complex calculations for various purposes. Here is the more functions that may helps you to do more with your Casio Graphing Calculator-

  • Easy to use, Icon-Based Menu System
  • Dynamic Graphing
  • Dual Graph & Table Display
  • Natural Input and output of Inequalitiy graphs
  • Natural Display allows entry and output of mathematics just like in a textbook
  • Built-in spreadsheet application
  • In-Depth Conics application
  • Pre-loaded Geometry application
  • USB connectivity
  • 1.5MB of flash memory / 62KB RAM
  • 200 hours of battery life (AAA x 4)
  • Pre-loaded Geometry Application
  • Downloadable Quick Reference Guide

High-resolution LCD Display:

This Casio Graphics Calculator FX-9860GII SD comes with superior high resolution LCD display with large 64 × 128-dot display of the fx-9860 GII Series high-resolution LCD views better display for formulas, graphs and graphics that are sharper, clearer, and easier to read.

Multiple Device Connectivity:

This graphing Calculator comes with a USB cable, unit-to-unit connectivity cable and Program-Link Software. This all are included with the calculator package, so high-speed data communication with a computer as well as unit-to-unit data and program transfers can be performed virtually out of the box. This device can be connected to many sensors to read, calculate and show the results and reports as graphs and ready to transfer the data to computer or SD cards.


A calculator must be able to able to carry with regular backpack or purse. This Graphical calculator is very much durable and could run continuously around 200 hours on AAAx4 batteries. This calculator comes with slide back case and all the buttons are made with high quality of material that makes this calculator more durable.

As a conclusion, To buy an original Casio Graphing Calculator FX-9860GII SD in Bangladesh is now easy and you could get it at your home or office by few clicks to order online from anywhere from Bangladesh. With all the awesome features and functions, This Casio FX 9860GII is a versatile graphing calculator with an impressive set of features and compatible subjects.

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