We’re All Mad Here

This was the first group project I have worked on where there was no clear leader. This made starting the project pretty interesting as there was no sense of organisation or what to do. Using my initiative (also known as my sense of panic), I realised that we needed to get organised before it was too late. I created a project plan and detailed schedule before our team meeting. During the team meeting, as a group we delegated each job by saying which one we wanted to do.

As we were working with the Agile methodology, the decision to not have a team leader was one that effected the team as a whole, however no one stood up took one for the team so we moved on and took charge of our own particular jobs. As long as we kept each other in the loop and made sure we knew each other were on track we would be fine. I found that this project has run a lot smoother than previous projects — even though that we have had team members absent and most of our communication has been on Slack.

— You identify the key creative processes that have been used in the project — You analyse these processes to identify which have worked well and which can be improved — You identify solutions for the processes and outputs that need to be improved — You identify areas of your craft that you seek to improve — You determine and justify how other proven approaches may address the areas of your craft you seek to improve

This project allowed for a development of key creative processes. Collaborating between the group and the facilitator gave the team the clarity of the brief. In our meetings, the team researched things we were unsure of to move onto concept developments and then finally designing the EPUBs. After the team made all the decisions needed for the style guide, I could make the template. This section meant revising and editing the style guide through the Change Control Board to keep our documentation updated.

My contribution to the group, being the majority of the project plan and creating the EPUB templates, was one that facilitated motivation by allowing the team to move forward in the project. Without the first step of the project plan, our team would not have known which steps needed to be taken to get this project done. The project plan was designed in a way that was clear and allowed the team to see our progress in a percentage guide. The project plan was there to be modified which allowed for active contributions from the team.