The realm of science fiction has often been unkind to the field of genetic engineering and its latest evolution synthetic biology. Generally speaking, genetic engineers operate within some of the strictest oversight and safety requirements imaginable — triple-checking laboratory best practice requirements and thoroughly exploring moral and ethical considerations for even the most minute laboratory experiments. Hollywood often paints a very different and very fictional environment, complete with rogue scientists and uncontrollable experiments gone awry. …

Reading as an adult is the difference between lifelong success and struggle

Why reading more books can help us live a more intelligent, more reflective, and more productive life

Herbert Simon is probably one of the most brilliant people to have ever lived.

A Turing Award winner in 1975 and a Nobel Laureate in Economics in 1978, Dr. Simon is a legend in fields as diverse as political science, economics, decision theory, artificial intelligence, computer science, and complex systems. The man had a rare gift to take complex ideas and break them down into simple, digestible concepts. …

What the West Can Learn from Egypt

Guest Rights, Interpersonal Relationships, and Making the Best of Things

Note: Names have been changed to protect the identity of the many willing to speak candidly with me. Photos with no attribution were taken by me.

It is normally bad practice to start at the end of your story, but I cannot help it in this case.

Through a mixture of good luck and a sense of protectiveness by my friends in Cairo, I was able to fulfill my itinerary from Cairo to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem at the height of the 2014…

Americans, we aren’t witnessing the collapse of Rome.

But we are changing — is it for the better?

Disclaimer: I am not related to the President of the United States. Sorry folks!

Within many world religions, there has been a pervasive belief for thousands of years that the apocalypse will occur within one’s lifetime. The signs are often ripe for such predictions — war, pestilence, rapid social change, extreme weather. …

Benjamin D. Trump, PhD

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