Ex. 5.9

  1. Who- Rufas N. Hebernowski. What- Jet Crashed Where- Super Shopping Mall. When- Noon Why- Jet aircraft crashed How- Unknown.

A jet aircraft crashed today at 12 p.m. into the Super Shopping Mall. The pilot, Rufas N. Hebernowski, was the only one killed. No one was injured in the crash however, 15 cars were destroyed. Hebernowski was an Air Force major stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base. (Summary Lead)

2. Who- City Council. What- City Council had a meeting. Where- Unknown. When- This morning. Why- To install a 10% increase in city property tax. How- Unknown.

City Council met this morning to discuss an increase in city property tax. The 10% increase will be implemented on the first day of the next month. The tax will help in the doubling of the city park. (Straight News Lead/ Blind Lead)

3. Who- Harold R. Drazszak, What- 15% pay raise for all faculty and staff. Where- University Administration building. When- Unknown. Why- Because of increased revenues from the state. How- Unknown.

Harold R. Drazszak, the university vice president for finance, announced that all faculty will receive a 15 percent pay increase due to increased revenues from the state. (Straight News Feed)

4. Who- Journalism Student Association. What- Summary of events. Where- Unknown. When- Unknown. Why- To boycott all classes because of tuition raise. How- Unknown.

University’s plan to increase tuition by 10 percent causes Journalism Student Association to plan a boycott of all classes. (Blind Lead)

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