Jason Coffman

Horror is most definitely not dead — whoever said so has no clue — and, in fact, is stronger and healthier than ever. Horror at the movies had a huge summer, with success after success — The Shallows, The Conjuring 2, Purge: Anarchy, Lights Out and Don’t Breathe. While other franchises saw sizeable dips in box office, horror saw increases. And what’s even better, most of the summer horror successes were original films.

And when you look at horror on television — the cup of blood runneth over. The Walking Dead is still the most popular show. The CW is loaded with horror. We have The Strain, American Horror Story, Scream Queens, Ash vs Evil Dead, and this week, The Exorcist. Horror is everywhere and is more popular than ever, and shows no sign of letting up. Long live horror!

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