Things to look for when auditing a new dependency for your project

Generic code on a screen. I love you unsplash! Photo by Caspar Rubin on Unsplash

Scratch an itch without over-engineering a solution

He Dijks-agrees with me.

A bite-size blog post on a JavaScript problem I could not Google.

This article was dictated with voice. Impressed?

With JSDoc, Flow, and Documentation.js

We can uhh… we can do better.

All the little goodies that make development in javascript less of a PITA.

I wish my desk was like this at home. This seems so calm and quiet.

Learning is part of the job description.

Demystifying snapshot testing in Javascript with Jest.

An annoying design problem with a reusable solution.

I miss my phone jack, ok? Don’t judge me!

Brad Dunn

Tech dude.

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