We do nothing.
There is no hope for Nigeria
Timi Ajiboye

The reason for this may not be unrelated to thoughts from a recent post by Feyi Fawehinmi .

I have long suspected that one of our problems as Nigerians is that we do not feel personally affected by all these weird occurrences, whether it be billions of dollars or super rodents. These happenings do not ‘affect the price of fish in the market’, or so we erroneously think!

My suggestion of how to make the vital transition from social media outrage and casual exclamations of ‘nawa o!’ to actual well orchestrated action involving a critical mass:

We will need to establish and persistently reinforce the direct effects of corruption and competence on everyday living for the man on the streets in a language that they understand.

Nigerians need to know that the accident that claimed the life of a relation is directly linked to misappropriation of funds that should have been used to fix the roads. That the in-law that died at childbirth due to lack of blood or oxygen in the village community clinic is a direct result of an under-funded health sector.

Quite literally, until we Nigerians feel and take these issues personally, we will continue to do nothing!

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