Donald Trump is an American Hero/How Trump single-handedly (the one hand that wasn’t assaulting women) turned the tides on democracy.

Before you assume I represent the darker side (cause I’m brown) of the self-proclaimed alt-right, I am not, really. I won’t prove it by using the term “woke”. Not. One. Time. Over that when it started. Been using it with an eye roll and pursed lips, bish. Take that. I won’t even get all aggro and shit talk Trump’s small hands because that implies I care about him in anyway, and likely, it offends people who have disproportionately small hands. Whatever. Hands are sizes. Whooo.

I am independent, but for real, I vote (it is so hard to type without a slight grimace) Democrat. I voted Republican in the primary to try and keep Trump from getting the nomination because Bernie would be dope, and I knew he would win my state (Live free or die chumps). Hillary is just the establishment, so fine, whatever, plus first female president and mad job qualifications. Like, most qualified to run a country based on the jobs she has had. Legit, despite her sketchy past as a, gasp, politician. When there were other “viable” people running, I gave many an F and researched them too, in hopes that I might vote for some human who isn’t a political pawn or bland robot. Nay, I say. It wasn’t meant to be. However, because of Donald Trump, it may be possible in future elections.

Donald Trump has garnered and pressed on with the nomination from a major party despite the many horrible things he has said, done, continued to do, and suggested that he would do (damn the alleged defections. I’m not taking the word of politicians about how they intend to vote. Let’s see the results. Up until there was video of him talking about how enjoys forcing himself onto women and him being creepy with a white lady immediately after that sleazy convo, he had so much support). Some would argue that it is because of this that he garnered the popular vote in his party, but that is not a point about which I care. Donald Trump and all his buffoonery has made it possible for everyone who grew up on social media, some of whom took photos straddled around some hot guy’s neck while under age, raising liquor in the air, periscoping while driving, or dressed in Black/Latinx/Asian/Native American face for Halloween, to become serious Presidential candidates some day (to be clear, I judge all these things heavily, especially dressing up as other “colors” for holidays. Have you seen images of people in other countries having America-themed parties? It’s weird dude. Cultural appropriation is disrespectful. It is super offensive and feels gross. Like, figure out your own nut-ass heritage and become aware of that. Dress up as a movie character. Be respectful. Real ish). Trump has proven that correlation between the things we do one year, night, or brief moment in time ago and what we can do today does not matter when you have a strong base. He has shown us that we have to stop obsessing over the minute things people do in their long histories before and while running for president and get into what they want to do for the future. But you don’t need a plan for that right now per se, as long as you say there is one. He is just about as live in the present moment, the “here and now”, as we could hope we would get.

I used to see Facebook posts from peers and joke that those people would never become president with THAT post out there. It was funny because there was a time when what you did online was reportedly bound to have consequences. That’s what boomers kept saying in all these career advice articles. You would need a great campaign manager or PR person to spin away your mistakes. Now, there are few things that the average social media user in college or high school did or can do that would make it so that their actions negate their viability as a presidential candidate. The bar is so low, few reasonable human beings can get below it. I argue that this is a good thing for all of us.

Trump has resituated us within the democracy. All we need to do is pick our voices and place them within any side. Use anger, discontent, madness, outrage, lies even to infuriate your base (the amount of fury abounds within us because of the various injustices we witness in real life, consume through the eye porn of various news networks, or hallucinate due to perspective). He has given us a new vantage point from which to operate. If you will be of age in 2020 and want to run, well, you should have started a few years back with your political career, but no matter. You have a voice, and you have a right to run. Do. It. No one in your base cares about that meme you posted or that effed up tweet from 6 seconds ago. Just deny it and blame the other candidates. Blame the system and its corruption for not preventing you from not doing your civic duty or for enabling you to make choices. Ugh. The system.

It would seem that this is a joke of sorts. I feel strongly that it isn’t. Electing a Black, feminist president was a huge step for America in the un-whitening of the white house (sidebar: electing a Native American president would be the realest ish anyone ever wrote. We need that. All countries need that). Having this seemingly uneducated (about policy, which is important when running for president. I don’t care about his book-learning), brash, xenophobic, racist, misogynist run for president while he actively says things that are xenophobic, racist, misogynistic, and potentially, criminal in a time where these things are not widely acceptable, well, that lowers the bar just enough to let the real rebels get in. The anarchists who have real ideas about disrupting the system for good. The academics, writers, researchers, philosophers, educators, parents who can sub tweet for days, write research papers, calculate theorems, posit about artificial intelligence, develop social programs, and pose solutions for real world problems but have Facebook, Twitter, IG, Reddit threads, photos, posts, and sketchy tweets, relaying late night hookups, disruptive but necessary views on the patriarchy of monogamy, hardcore feminist or pro-(insert minority group here) “rants”, critiques of isms, teachings on misogynoir, arrest records from protesting for the protection of lives of POC or other things, and yes, provocative poses that would have been political fodder floating out there. There is little more anyone can do outside of criminal action, which he has admitted to doing btw, that would suddenly warrant a nominee removal from the party. He has incited violence against the opposition, promoted removal of due process, and invited espionage, which is treasonous. There are #receipts🙄 for this. Many of which come from his Twitter account.

I did not think millennials (and whatever the next generations are called, because who cares, older people made up these dumb ass names, digital natives?) would be freed from our transparent behavior on the internet, whether it was done mistakenly, thrust upon us unwillingly, or posted intentionally. Freed to continue being “whatever we want to be” like our parents and teachers said we would but showed us we couldn’t when they trashed the economy with their poor choices. Donald Trump has removed my fears and inhibitions about how being who you are will limit you as a leader (Don’t worry. They were replaced with renewed fears about being hanged, raped, or shot in the street due to hatred of my skin color. I’m as feared up as anyone). He has proven that with enough anger, a message that matches the pulse of your base, and the right amount of money or perception about your money and influence, anything is possible. So get that. And Do. You.

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