My 2015 year in review.

When we let go 2015 and we welcome 2016, it’s important to look back and celebrate.

Celebrate the accomplishments.

For more detail about this you can read more here

My 2015 accomplishments


This year i passed 2 exams and a half.

I study and I work so it is always good to pass one exam.


I take an Apartment on my own. I am a little more independent now.


I attended to 2 Android hackathon. It was cool to create a team and challenge myself.

I spoke at my first teck conference droidcon Krakow. You can read more about this here

And Now what ? Guess. I have some goals for the 2016.

You can read about my 2016 speaking goals here.

Thank you for reading. My 2016 word to accomplish my goals is: