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Policygenius is America’s leading online insurance marketplace. Our mission is to help people get insurance right by making it easy for them to understand their options, compare quotes, and buy a policy, all in one place.

Complexity is software’s bogeyman. It’s often blamed as the source of issues — something to fear or avoid. It’s a problem we hope engineers will tackle and tear down, and is embedded into career ladders. Career rubrics often expect experienced engineers to build ‘simple’ solutions to increasingly ‘complex’ problems.

But in these circumstances, complexity can feel like a footnote. We often praise engineers on the impact of successful projects, but less frequently for the simplicity of the solutions.

To make matters worse, it can be hard to feel well-equipped to coach others on…

I’ve spent significant time investigating Business Intelligence (BI) tools for the startup I work at. There’s a huge mixed bag of services out there, and it took quite some time to find the right solution for our use case. This is a rundown of the landscape as I experienced it.

The Setup

Our application layout is straightforward. We have two separate databases — one for metrics data, and one for application data.

The important bit is that App/Metrics data are separate sources

We may well end up with other sources in the future, which is useful to think about when deciding on BI solutions.

When first deciding on tools, we didn’t have…

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