Navratri 2017

Navrati festival is celebrated for nine days. It is celebrated as a victory and a multiday festival. The lashmi, durga, saraswathi is the three main goddess workshipped during this auspicious day. One can perform this navratri pooja to overcome evil powers and to fulfill their desires and wishes. This festival is celebrated in both north india and south india. Durga is a form of goddess lashmi, saraswathi, parvathi. Nine day a war took place between goddess durga and the demon mahiasura. On the last day durga killed mahiasura.

It is the celebrated as the sign of victory. The festival is widely celebrated in india. Pujas,Yagyas are offered to goddess. By doing this goddess fulfill thier devotees desires and wishes. Workshipping these goddesses gives wisdom, protection and wealth. The celebration in the south is different when compare to north. The nine forms of durga assures wealth, good health and many things. The tenth day of the function is called as vijayadashmi. Anything that we are starting on the vijayadashmi day will go good which means is the best time to start education or any other thing.

DAY1 : SHAILPUTRI: She is collective combined power of brahma, Vishnu, shivan. The colour of the first day is red –it depicts action and vigour.

DAY2 : BRAHMCHARINI: The goddess endows happiness ,peace ,prosperity. For the second day the colour is is royal blue.

DAY 3:CHANDRAGHANTA: She represents beauty and grace and is workshipped on the third day for peace in life .For day3 its yellow .

DAY 4:KUSHMUNDA : She is considered the creator of the universe. The colour for the fourth day is green.

DAY 5:SKAND MATA: She is the mother of karthikeya. The colour of the day is green to indicate the mother who turn arrogant to protect her child.

DAY 6:KATYAYANI: Katyani was born to the sage, kata as an avatar of durga. For this day the colour is orange

DAY7:KALRATRI : She has a dark complextion with three eyes that shine bright. she dressed in white, a colour indicate peace.For day 7 the colour is white

DAY8: MAHA GAURRI: Maha Gaurri is intelligent, peaceful and calm. The colour of the day is pink, denoting hope.

DAY 9:SIDDHIDARTRI :Siddidatri is a supernatural healing power. The Goddess is show to be in blissful state. Thus , the colour of the day is sky blue.

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