Wait a few years
Have my heart
Save myself
Learn from the world
Will ruin a good thing
Future plans fit
Would hate to just throw it away
Obviously deluded
Don’t expect much but still hope
Crazy, I know
I’m sorry if it hurts; I feel it too
Something holds me back
Keep in touch
Just friends would never work
I understand otherwise but I wish it weren’t so
Forget me not
Love not another
I cry but I see no other way
I’ll miss you
Your love, your attention, your touch, your age
It’s not fair
Maybe even selfish
Am I making sense?
I hate myself for hurting you
Don’t shut me out
Please, please understand?
Please let me in on your thoughts
Insults, rebuke, curses, tears, indifference
Maybe I’m childish, stupid, deluded