Entrepreneur? What’s Your Story? Tell it in London this November!

Where exactly is Kenya on the map in this world of Silicon Valleys and Silicon Wadis…

I mean, I know we call ourselves the Silicon Savannah (a term I’m personally not too comfortable with), but what does that mean exactly? Who knows about it?

The 2012 Startup Genome report came out, ranking the world’s startup ecosystems. We didn’t even make the list. No ecosystem in Africa made the list. Enough of being left out, right?

It’s not that we have no ecosystem. Not that we don’t have brilliant entrepreneurs and technologists hard at work building meaningful businesses. It’s just that no one’s telling the story. And there are stories.

And not the M-Pesa story. Or the M-Farm story. Those have been seen and heard and seen and heard and seen and heard for too long. We are looking for the other stories. Your story. We want you to tell it in London ☺.

unBound Digital is a conference that brings startup delegations from Israel, Europe, now Africa and other tech hubs to meet with investors, entrepreneurs and global corporations. Organized by AcreWhite and chaired by the amazing Yossi Vardi, unBound brings together hundreds of startups from Israel, the UK and this year, Kenya :-). Main themes around the conference this year are:

  • FinTech
  • Gaming
  • Advertising
  • Cyber
  • Retail & eCommerce
  • Travel
  • TV & Radio
  • Wearables & Gadgets
  • eHealth

Our time starts now people (technologists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, non-conformists). We’re sitting on a gold mine of potentially ground breaking innovation. If you know you are that story needing to be told, heck, sign up already and let’s go to London! We are inventing the future.


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