Back At It Again With Another Blog Post || Damn, Daniel Goes Corporate

by Joey Ciampa

Damn, Daniel” is everywhere. The viral video originated on snapchat and eventually made it to Twitter, where it’s been played 50+ million times. I’m a fan of its revolutionary use of “BACK AT IT AGAIN,” smashing the linguistic standard set by that Krispy Kreme kid.

As we know, a meme reaches its zenith when #brands take advantage of its virality to use it as a marketing tool. Here’s how the “Damn, Daniel” meme went corporate.



Everyone knows white shoes get dirty. Clorox clearly has Daniel’s back on that one.


Pizza Pops

Pizza Pops, a Pillsbury product, clearly knows memes and pop culture are the way to a pizza-roll-type-food eater (I think I will pitch this as a new target demographic… stop calling us millennials)’s heart. They’re all over Deadpool and emoji, and now Daniel.



While Axe campaigns have historically been… questionable, they’ve definitely stepped up their game here. Strong use of emoji.


Vans off the Wall

After seeing the video, everyone knew Vans HAD to weigh in at some point. They used this cute graphic showing all the colorful possibilities of Daniel’s iconic slip-ons.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Vans sales spike in the next couple weeks. Could this be the new Red Lobster?

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