To my dear Friend Daniel.

I can assure you I was not in my own bubble for long after I realized how POORLY PUT TOGETHER the event was (like most if not all of the Guild events this semester and last) yesterday.

Whomever I said fuck the Guild to hopped on in my bubble as most if not all agreed on HOW POORLY the event was put together. As did many of the others who I asked regular questions to trying to figure out what was happening.

Who was the central person that I (very) proudly showed my social media to? I said fuck the Guild so many times yesterday I’m not sure. I’ll check my followers and try to figure out who you mean.

Admittedly, this POORLY ORGANIZED event did turn out to be a somewhat of a success after everyone left 600 Block for the pav, say around 3:30? 4? Travis when did you come to 600 and adie told you she didn't want her things outside first again? Remind us.

But Daniel. I only realized why you have taken this so personally. You are the International Students Rep. for the YGN. I mean, I knew this, but I had hoped this would not have had much to do with you because you are usually a man that gets the job done.

However, after inquiry, I was informed that the event was in fact apart of your portfolio. You were a key person responsible for the event that was “promoted” (laughable) for a 2:30PM start.

Now I understand why you would delete my comments and unfollow me on Instagram. Those initial attacks on your Instagram post were at your at administration. Daniel, I honesty believe, if you are an officer of a public office and someone criticizes that office and you take personal offence. You are a fool.

You and I are what I consider friends. You know the type of person that I am. You know I have no regard for how others feel about my opinion and I will hold firm to it. YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THE CURRENT WJC GUILD COUNCIL.

AS MAN! all of this, was not necessary. You, as a friend, could've easily DM’d me on Instagram after my initial comments; or pull me aside one of the numerous times you saw me yesterday. Instead, this is the path you chose.