What Kind of experience is the perfect experience.

As a consumer how do you feel if someone says no that’s not how we do it here? Or you purchase something and it gets mixed up with another order and they won’t take the blame or change it for you. What if the business you go to is always out of your most loved product? What if you find a business convenient because it’s close to home but things are always seeming to go wrong? As a consumer and/or customer how is this going to make you feel? What will you think? And what will you say to others? Do you think you’ll return to this place if even one thing goes wrong? Personally I know if even one of these things happens when I’m a customer/consumer I’m discouraged to return and if I do the business will then have a chance to make it right with me again. 
 I can still visualize the last 4 years in my current job at Starbucks like it was yesterday, the days I was barista, the day I became a supervisor, the terror on my face, and pride I felt to go forward with a strong team, since I have made many changes to better myself and to better surrounding stores. I have found an array of customers’ regulars to one time customers and my only hope is to leave an impression. I can honestly say I don’t remember every customer but I do remember the impressions they leave. 
 The quality of true customer service is nearly waving a white flag as a retailer. After working for Starbucks company for about 4 years, working in 4 different stores, experiencing many different situations I many never understand until they are thrown at me but I have found that pretty much waving a white flag surrendering and nearly giving up into the hands of my customer has worked about every time. Starbucks is always changing always evolving and always incorporating new technics anything from making a situation right to always saying yes. Yet at the end of everything new I have come to realize that all that is important is to make the customer happy and hoping the two of you are on the same page. 
 The power of saying yes, of making a customer happy is priceless the customer leaves happy they’re more likely to return again and if you’re the one who made things right in the past they’re even more likely to remember you as a person and less of the store, you the person who went through extremes to make their experience the best their day and even as simple or extreme as their coffee. 
 This experience is ultimately the best kind of customer service in my opinion, if a customer is a returnee because you went far above any other reason, you have then done a job well done. You have made someone happy and yet made them want to see you in the place that makes them happy. That in my opinion is a job well done and a way to make every customer happy and more likely to not only return again but tell the people around them how satisfied they are with the customer service experienced in your business.