A tale of one creative person taking the unbeaten path while wondering what the next step brings

My high school teacher randomly saw me on the street a few days ago.

Imagine me as the grandma and the teacher as the grandpa, asking me that crazy question. Pic: Cristina Gottardi

photo by Fabian Bächli

Ever heard of bronze & silver designers? You’re about to find out.

Doctors of branding, if you wish

Background image by rawpixel.com

The Impostor Syndrome at its worst

I’m a graphic designer, not a spider! I design graphics, not webs!

You’ve never thought that graphic design would be all about puzzle-solving? Let me explain why this is the case. But let’s first wind the clock back a bit.

As a kid, I LOVED puzzles.

Bea Cetina

A brand design consultant working with event organizers. Also sometimes writing about sales.

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