Vacation Culture: Food & Social Media

Vacations are a culture in themselves. A vacation culture entails the various aspects of a relaxing time away from the stresses of life. Vacations are thrust full of activities, games, sports, relaxation, food and social media.

My family has been vacationing every summer in Cape May, New Jersey, for over twenty-two years. What keeps us coming back? It’s some formidable combination of the food, the atmosphere and the quality of vacation life there.

Sharing photos and activities via Facebook and Instagram are my favorite way to help connect my friends at home, with the activities I’m doing in Cape May. I love sharing photos of the beach and especially photos of the delicious New Jersey cuisine that is so popular.

Pork Roll is a New Jersey delicacy. Image from my personal instagram, @rachelshubin.

My family agrees on two things while we vacation in Cape May. First, that we all are free to do whatever activities we want and we don’t have a set schedule. We are much more the stroll down to the beach after 3–4 pm and spend the evening there until our stomachs growl. But when it comes to food, we all agree.

We love beach cuisine in Cape May. There is something for everyone — breakfast foods, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Pork Roll & scrapple, cheesesteaks, Fudge, pizza, seafood, empanadas, ice cream and even frozen root beers.

Empanada Mama’s is a favorite among Cape May locals. Empanada Mama’s is on Facebook and Instagram.

Food is a sub culture of vacation culture. Food defines every aspect of our lives as humans and how we survive. Vacation culture allows us to take a break from our everyday lives and it allows us to replenish our energy when we go back to the daily grind of work.

My vacation Instagram feed involves foods like cupcakes, rock candy, lobster macaroni and cookie dough.

An aspect of eating on vacation is posting pictures of food. Social media is a great way to share vacation photos. For the foodie, taking Instagram worthy pictures of your meals is essential. Adding hashtags with the name location and #foodporn will create a buzz online.

The sunsets and the beach are also a heavy component of my Instagram account while in Cape May. Including beach finds and the architecture.

As a millennial, posting on social media is in my blood. Millennials get most, if not all of their information and news from social media. Social networks are a great way to share activities and spread creativity. I personally love posting pictures from my vacation time in Cape May, to share my love of the place and vacation culture with my followers.

The Cape May Peanut Butter Company is also a favorite local shop. They can be found on Facebook here.

All the local eateries in Cape May are well versed in social media. Posting a picture of your banana French toast dish from George’s Place and tagging the restaurant’s account as well as using the location, will allow you to find other people who have posted their meals at George’s. Find George’s Place Instagram here.

The banana French toast from George’s is a decadent breakfast treat — in fact, it can even be recreated at home (though I can attest to it not being quite as delicious). Every warm bite combined with the cinnamon and powdered sugar is pure bliss. Not to mention a simple drizzle of syrup makes for a mouthful of delight.

Sharing photos on vacation is a great way to draw attention to the place you are vacationing. The use of hashtags is a benefit to generating “likes” and comments on the post as well as gaining followers.

Millennials like me use social media for connections. Even while on vacation and posting food pictures, I’m conscious of the sort of people who will see and like or even comment on my posts.

Seeing what other people ate and posted on Instagram, is a great way to find other popular or unknown dishes to try out. You never know who you might meet on social media as well. It’s all about making digital connections.

Vacation culture is a rapidly changing environment, with a flux of millennials entering the workforce; vacations are all the more popular. A quick getaway is needed from the stress of work life, even if it is in the form of looking at a coworker’s Instagram feed of their vacation photos!


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