Want to Prototype in Sketch? Craft has got your back
Marc Andrew

Since everybody is so excited about Craft Prototype beta, I thought I’d share some thoughts after working extensively with it for the last month. 
I started working on an iOs app design at that time.

Its incredibly useful to see flows working right from Sketch without exporting/importing etc. It really couldnt be better.
It beats any other tool in the Marvel/Invision category, simply because you never need to update the screens if you make some design changes. What a relief.

But, the bugs. Ok this is beta, but after a month in the project and 40+screens it starts to cost me more time then to save.

Copy/pasting buttons with interactions breaks the links in unpredictable ways.

You have to click on every artboard to load the screen into the invision viewer app. And you never know if it actually really loaded. I have complex screens with nested symbols that take more then 5 seconds to load into the viewer app and there is no clue if it did or did not load completely.

One would hope that you connect the phone and it loads 100% without needing to click manually on every artboard on the page, right?

Phew. I have to tap through 40+ screens with 3–8 buttons on them every time I make a change in order to keep the prototype 100% functional.

Craft Prototype is very promising and once its out of beta (alpha?)it will be the default prototyping plugin for sketch for everyone out there that needs to prototype flows, no doubt, just a friendly reminder that this is buggy software for now.

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