Behavior: the Name of the Game for Weight Loss

Behavior is the name of the game for sustainable weight loss. That’s not what we think; it’s what we know.

And it’s not like your feelings aren’t important, they totally are — in fact, understanding them and getting better at regulating them will make your success with your issues with food and weight so much easier.

And it’s not like past issues with your family, or past issues with sad or uncomfortable situations aren’t significant. They totally are. It’s not that the past isn’t important; it’s just that it’s unchangeable.

And we are in the business of change, right? We want to change and solve your long-standing problems with food and weight and find you permanent and sustainable solutions. Right?
If or you are ready to move out of the camp of analysis (or as the old slogan suggests: analysis paralysis) and into the camp of long-term sustainable change then welcome home!

The only things we can know for sure are things that can be studied. What has been studied more and more with cleaner and clearer outcomes is that long-term, permanent behavior change is the way out of this dilemma. It’s the solution to all of your problems.

And my sincerest of apologies if you think I am oversimplifying — truth be told, the solution is simple — but repeating behaviors and integrating them is HARD work. But, you are not alone — Beacon is here with our team of behavioral coaches and an awesome community and so many other resources, if you are ready to take the first step.

When taking the first step, though, please be sure that there are actions with long-term solutions attached. We want you to not only stop, but to also stay stopped.

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