Black and White Thinking Hinders Weight Loss

There is something getting you into a lot of trouble. It has nothing to do with your food. And you may not even know you’re doing it!
It has to do with your brain and its name is black and white thinking. You know — the kind of thinking I like to call the “light switch” — things can only be one way or the exact opposite. Super polarized, on or off, no dimmer. And boy can it get us STUCK.
And you know what getting stuck can lead us to, right? More sticky things — like donuts and taffy.
You know the drill. You’re hardcore ON your new super sexy restrictive diet. And then something — let’s say a birthday party with your besties full of high-fat, high-sugar party food comes onto the schedule. What’s a girl to do but jump, almost effortlessly, from the ON ramp of the restive diet to the OFF ramp of the great party abyss, right?
Quick FYI: Actually, there are lots of alternatives to that scenario on my team, Team Shades of Grey, that we know work for long-term success. I know, I know, what’s more fun and sexy than the drama and chaos of falling off the proverbial wagon? Who doesn’t love the demoralization and hopelessness that comes with having to start a new diet with one more failure peg in your belt?
I kid, I kid — I know how awful this thinking is and how hard it is to end the cycle. So really, this thinking CAN have a pretty solid impact on your food. And your mood. And your spirit.
Don’t underestimate living in the shades of grey. While you won’t get to hit those peaks of sexy dieting or those valleys of self-loathing, you may get to experience a sense of peace and acceptance that can allow you to get your rocks off in places that are less harmful than the food.
And in reality the best things in life are always are always a fusion, a synthesis, a mix, a middle ground, a grey zone. If you can get into the grey and begin to get more comfortable with this balanced thinking a changed relationship with food and weight awaits you. See you there!

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