Emotions & Eating — They’re Linked!

Has it ever felt like your emotions are running your life? You have to manage a job, and a life, and often a family, or other really important relationships, and then you have to manage an internal emotional circus?
Not to mention, on top of all of that, you are trying your darnedest to make the very best decisions with food to help support living your very best life. Just writing that makes me want to take a nap!
One of the very best ways to manage the emotional circus inside is to pay appropriate attention to your emotions. We are talking Goldilocks-style here, my friends, juuuuuuuuust right.
Ignoring your emotions is a bad idea. Emotions are super important! They signal when something is wrong or right. They also signal to us what we like, love, hate, and what we want to protect.
Alternatively, emotions can often be fleeting and impulsive. They can come and go like the wind. Paying TOO much attention to emotions and being super reactive — like eating that donut when you are feeling nervous, downing the container of ice cream when you are feeling hopeless, or even mindlessly eating a celebratory birthday cake — can cause a lot of trouble in our lives and make bad situations worse.
What are we to do? Where is the balance? My favorite poet Rumi, wrote the most perfect poem to explain how to best manage your emotions. Here it is — hope you enjoy it:
The Guest House
This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.
Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.
– Rumi

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