#The Hard Truth about Exercise and Weight Loss

You know what I wish were true? I wish that if I exercised a ton that I could eat whatever I wanted. Or, even just more of foods that are good for me that I love. Am I right?
And OMG am I having conversation after conversation after argument after debate with people about the benefits of exercise on weight loss! And the truth has been revealed by my new BFFs Julia Belluz and Javier Zarracina of Vox magazine. These geniuses did a literature review of all of the relevant data (#swoon) on weight loss and exercise — check it out here! And, duh, they found that the biggest indicator of losing weight is focusing on what and how you eat. And, even worse, than that, too much exercise can lead to overeating! Whaaaaaa!
Also, my sweet eating disordered folks, and those of you leaning that way, trying to exercise off your lunch is bulimic. Yes, you read that right. Bulimia is characterized by overeating followed by methods of compensating for the behavior. Please keep that in mind and stay out of that mindset. It’s not healthy, and, even worse in this case, it’s not effective.
Now, please don’t read this as me being anti-exercise. That’s bananas. Exercise is amazing for your heart and lungs and osteoporosis risk and bitchy mood and memory and just about everything that isn’t your weight loss!
Sorry, as usual, for being the bearer of bad news. And you’re welcome for helping you to get off the stair-master you’ve been hunched over for two hours a day and moving you toward where the solution lies — in your food behaviors! Check out my other blogs to see how we can help you make peace with food and move into the big beautiful life you deserve.

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