Want to Lose Weight? Got a Spirituality Practice?

What’s spirituality got to do with it?

Sing it Tina! What does spirituality have to do with it?

As it turns out, spirituality has a whole lot to do with winning the battle with food addiction and issues with food and weight. In fact, for many, it is the missing link — the issue not yet addressed and the one in greatest need of attention.

What the?! I know. I’m talking spirituality here, not religion, so stay calm. And, if you are into religion, this spirituality game ought to be a breeze.

Spirituality is a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. You know, it helps us to remember that we aren’t in charge and we are definitely not in control of everything. I mean, when we believe that we have that much power, it can make a girl tired and HUNGRY — know what I mean?

Spirituality helps us to be able to chill a bit and stay connected to our very best selves. And isn’t that the most important part of success in recovery?
Sometimes when the big world feels too much for us to handle, we can turn to food to try to ease the stress and responsibility. Spirituality is about trust and acceptance and so is recovery from a food addiction or battle with any issue with food and weight. And the things that get us in trouble usually tend to live in the arena of control, inflexibility, and stubbornness. Get my vibe?

Concepts in spirituality — especially in the tenants of trust, radical acceptance, and being-one-in-the-moment are far better, more effective, and waaaay less harmful than numbing with food. And, these practices happen to do wonders for a girl’s general mood and outlook on life. Seriously.

And remember, when it comes to spirituality, one size does not fit all — there are more kinds of spirituality and spiritual practices than we all have time to explore, so lace up your boots and don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

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