Zucchini is the new Spaghetti! Spiralizer? Check.

You know what I hate? When people pretend that carrots are as delicious as potato chips.

So, it goes without saying that I am crossing some serious personal boundaries to tell you that I am dumb-in-love with zucchini pasta.

What is zucchini pasta, you ask? Well, first of all it’s not actually pasta — it’s zucchini that can me manufactured to look like pasta, fork-twirl and all. And, it’s beyond delicious. So much so, that if you meditate enough and have the right kind of open mind and imagination, you can really and truly think you are eating pasta.

And this is coming from a tried-and-true lover (and abuser) of pasta. I used to eat it a box at a time. Don’t judge.

In my quest to use my sad little NYC kitchen, I decided, this winter, to buy a spiralizer. And let me tell you, I thought I was inventing air: I was so proud of my little zucchini-marinara-sauce-cottage-cheese-parm-cheese collaboration.
It’s all the rage: the NY Post wrote an article about the amazingness that is a spiralizer; my brother told me it was popular with his twenty-something pals. Then I saw that Hungry Girl, the queen-bee of low-cal cooking, devoted a whole chapter to it in her awesome new Clean Eating Cookbook (which is so awesome I recommend you buy one for your house and one for your friend. And she isn’t even paying me to say this!).

Today, I made her shrimp and avocado z’paghetti, which combines yogurt, parm cheese, avocado, garlic, and zucchini pasta into a creation that stopped my staff in their tracks during our teem meeting to salivate over my lunch. And, the little-overweight-kid-who-never-got-to-bring-delicious-things-to-school-for-lunch really had a corrective moment. #braggingrights

So, get on the zucchini pasta — or Z’paghetti band wagon team! You’ll thank me for it.

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