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I own the pink and black bracelet and it is so light and dangles perfectly. There are so many different sizes so if I want the bracelet to dangle or a little snug depending on what I felt like wearing or outfit I am wearing at the time. I love that I can wear a bracelet with my summer dress and still look great or I can even wear it with my jeans. The funny thing is if I am working out I wear my bracelet a bit snug and it looks so nice even with sweat pants for the gym. I plan on buying other colors for my best friends. For people how motorcycle fans are can perfectly match their bike color. I think that for girls most popular color would be candy blue along with the pink bracelet. It comes in so many different colors so it can exactly match you clothing or other jewelry.

If your wrist are a little larger than most and the largest size on the woman’s bracelets are eight and half of inch so you was able to get an extension that helped the bracelet fit nice on her. The metal is stainless steel and the color is on nice and thick and sticks out. I always get compliments and everyone will ask me “where did you get that?” So far I have four colors and always look for deals time to time and I do grab the deal. The bracelets also have crystals if you want that. I love that the bracelet is made of a bike chain. Very unique!! The manufactures are amazing with the customer service also. I changed my mind on a color and they were super and allowed me to exchange the bracelet since the one I originally ordered was in perfect condition. I also have a niece who is a toddler and I asked if is possible shorten a bracelet for me and they did. That was great. Bracelets are available in different style with or without crystal’s. The clasp shuts nice and secure so I can ride my bike and not worry about it falling off on a ride.
The Bike chain bracelet will be a perfect gift and they have the men’s one with no crystal.
I like having different jewelry then others and be unique. This is a conversation piece for sure. I look forward to ordering again.

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