Common Indian Fashion Jewellery That You Can Buy Online

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India is popular for its rich culture. Over the years Indians have been making jewelry that is very unique. In most of the cases, the jewelry is made to coordinate with the outfit that you are wearing. The patterns used in making the units are usually from geometric shapes, birds, nature and historical texts that date as back several eras.

Gold is the most popular metal used in making jewelry. Other metals used are silver and platinum. Indians make the jewelry more eye-catching using diamonds, gemstones and other precious metals.

Common Indian Jewelry

There are many units that you can buy from India. It’s good to note that Indian jewelry is not only worn for beauty-it’s also worn for therapeutic purposes. The most common jewelry includes:

Maang Tikka

this one is worn from the crown of the head to the forehead between the brows. Indians believe that the unit brings about spirituality, intuition and enlightment. It’s also said to have psychic abilities. To enhance the benefits of wearing a Tikka, it’s recommended that you use a Tikka set with crystals such as clear Quartz or Amethyst.

Sheesh phool

you should wear this on the crest of your hair. The jewelry presses the urinary bladder meridian thus helping you in controlling headache and sleeplessness.
Nath: also known as the nose ring, Nath is usually connected to the heart meridian and it aids in increasing the sense of smell. It also aids in reducing nose infections. It’s also believed that when you wear the nose piercing you tend to decrease the pain that comes during menstruation. It also aids in easing child birth.


there are many types of rings that you can buy. The ring that you wear on the first finger aids in pressing the reflex point of the brain. The one that you wear on the second finger presses the reflex point of the eyes while the third ring presses the ears and the forth one presses the heart.


also known as Anklets, Payal is usually made from silver and it aids in improving peripheral blood circulation. It also aids in reducing inflammation of the sole.


these are toe rings that you wear on the second finger and they aid in stabilizing the menstrual cycle. This helps married women to easily know when they can get pregnant.


These are some of the Indian jewelry that you can buy. As rule of thumb you should ensure that you buy them from a reputable store.
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