The One Thing Every Woman Should Know

Feel Your Royal Self

She knows her truth. She lives in it. She is not perfect, she is in constant unraveling. She rises from the pain of being denied, being rejected and being misunderstood, because before she put on her crown, she was denying herself, rejected herself and had no understanding for herself. She is leading her own life courageously. She owns her truth. She doesn’t need to fight for herself, because she is already there in all her royal spark…

A Queen knows royal behavior: when she is being mistreated, she walks away gracefully.

A Queen knows royal perspective: she is not the center of the world, but she is the center of hers.

A Queen doesn’t push herself over the line, she preservers and walks over it with calmness and certainty.

She knows royal company: she does not seek company that doesn’t enrich, enliven her presence or that does not ask for help from a sincere point of need.

She knows royal purpose: she finds a unique way of contribution to the community and the world around her by being more herself.

She knows royal looks: she feeds herself love, compassion and better judgement.

She knows royal living: not out of perfection, but out of meaning. Not running from pain but practicing surrender to it. Not living in self-pity but in constant resurrection.

The Queen knows what is royal and how to wear a crown. She knows what she deserves, she doesn’t seek it or needs to be reminded, she owns, she is sought, not by other people, but by life itself.

Her life is a work of art and her pursuit is to express it. In every moment, in every conversation, in whatever she does, she knows — she wears a crown. She practices allowing and receiving.

She does not seek love from the point of need, but humbly looks for the One who is honored by her company, that knows royal companionship.

A Queen is born into royalty, but guides herself to be one every single day.

So the one thing to do every morning, both literally and metaphorically: PUT ON (Y)OUR CROWN.

….A Hero lies in you….

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