True Effects of Meditation: Your Hidden Extraordinary Life

A lot of people start with meditation because they want to get better, or feel better. That was my motivation as well. Someone starts because they see the videos where famous people endorse meditation or successful entrepreneurs that practice meditation and it is somehow magically correlated with their enormous success.

These motivations are grounded in one fact: the perception of self as lacking, less than and with practice such as meditation we will build ourselves up and one day become…extraordinary, superhuman, special. We will finally be loved, accepted and have our desired position in life: great relationships, miracle business and all those outcomes people who meditate seem to have.

There is one thing we got all wrong. We want to come from our ordinary position of our “ordinary” life and go to that dream, that ideal state, that never-ending shining objective. The ultimate desire. I thought, if I could only get there, I will do anything and be anyone I need to be to get there.

Boy, was I wrong. Specifically, I was so out of line it’s not even funny. Luckily, I am a stubborn and persistent person, I typically don’t give up that easily. I wanted that state. I knew there has to be a way. Meditation.

What I experienced was slowly and gently getting more grounded in who I already am. Hey, I thought, I was going to get superhuman, what is this business of me becoming more me than ever? Getting real? Hey, I thought, I was supposed to become the dreamy person? The perfect one? Hello, anyone there, I’m going to sue you on this one!

Meditation helps you become more ordinary so your life can become extraordinary. Imagine a scale: the previous position was you in the sky, and the weight of your life way down on the other side of the scale. The more you meditate, you come down on the scale and the scale of your life goes up.

Suddenly, there is a balance, you’re half way through. You keep going and you find yourself in total acceptance, on the ground, more real than ever. Your life goes way up and although nothing has essentially changed in the scale, your life now dwells in the sky. It becomes lighter and closer to your dreamed ideal state but also nothing like it and better than everything you imagined. The more you release the internal need to become anyone famous, successful, extraordinary, your life becomes better.

And now you ask: How is that possible- there is no way my life right now is the ideal state. No way, a-a. Well, what happens is as you focus less attention on: how I look, what do they think of me, how I will get that promotion, what is the trend I should follow, how I should change myself…..You start giving attention to your life- and most importantly, it happens spontaneously. It becomes a natural, effortless thing to put more attention on the things you are doing (work or otherwise related) and on having truly meaningful moments with loved ones. You start being more present and relaxed.

It does not go perfect! Let’s get that straight. There are days when you want to send everything to hell and your mojo starts thinking you need to go away on a yacht somewhere and just disappear. Basically, you need a vacation. Ordinary people do take vacations (in today’s world that means off social media, blogs etc. :)).

The point of meditation is to plug off the world and plug in on eternal source energies. Ideally, we should always be plugged on the eternal energy. And the sign of progress comes in:

Smaller of the smallest and bigger of the biggest, comes into your view.

Getting less serious about ourselves and more serious about our life, but not through our mind, but through real intelligence. It requires a broader perspective than our minds can provide and this is where meditation kicks in.

Today, we are so out of tune with everything, that we wonder lost on this planet. We accumulate and distract ourselves to the point of exhaustion and then we want to meditate? Firstly, we need to get our feet on the ground. We need to put that scale in the right order. The more we come down, the more the quality of our life goes up. What really fills us up is being able to engage with other human beings on a level we have not been capable of engaging before. We can relate to that which is “ordinary” in all of us. Judgements, opinions, comparison, dissolves in the light of true connection.

Have a goal to become more ORDINARY and your life and relationships will become EXTRAORDINARY. It’s not easy, but meditation is the way, even if your motivations are all messed up, you will get there.

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