How David (Infra Intelligence Platform) is going to take down the Goliath (MSP)?

Before we answer that, we need to answer something else. why do we need to change from our current state? BTW, what is our current state? Tons of reasons out there to refrain us to opt in for MSPs, we’ll list down the ones that hurt us the most,

Customization: Lack of tailoring the infra management to specific needs (Customize - MSPs’ worst nightmare).

Complexity: Most MSPs require users to learn their platform instead of jumping right into driver’s seat & start using it (Argh boring!!)

Integration: Some MSPs have compatibility & pre-requisites for integrating our infra to their platform leading to inefficiency (That’s even more boring!! Who even want that?)

Performance: Slow responses, frequent downtime and performance degradation (Delayed response is a denied response mate!).

Security: Unreliability in handling user’s data due to inefficient security features, compliances & lack of transparency (We’re so done!!).

Limited support: Lack of swift response when user is facing a technical difficulty/issue (C’mon, that’s the least you can do for the hefty charges levied upon us!!).


So, can’t we conclude, this outdated so-called Managers aren’t fit & trustable enough to adapt to our agile environment.

Alright, But How David is going to take down this inefficient bloated goliath? Well, he got the five stones — ADACA [Without a gauntlet :) — won’t be necessary, lol..] ready to pelt with the sling (AI).

By using AI, user can Autonomously utilize, Discover everything, Analyze data, Cognitively process & Act accordingly.

  1. Autonomous: AI has the capability to operate independently with relatively higher efficiency & without human intervention. It can detect anomalies/issues and take corrective actions accordingly. Features highlighting but not limited to include, Self-healing, Auto-Scaling & Swift auto-response.
  2. Discover: AI has the ability to identify ’n’ no of things and recognize patterns, anomalies, or trends within the infrastructure. This could include detecting changes in system performance, identifying security threats, or unraveling opportunities for optimization.
  3. Analyze: AI can analyze infrastructure data using various techniques and algorithms, such as machine learning and data mining, to extract valuable insights, identify trends, and unravel correlations or dependencies which can overcome the limitation of how much we human can handle.
  4. Cognition: Cognitive AI go beyond basic data processing to comprehend the context, implications, and dependencies of the data, enabling them to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions based on their understanding as humans cannot cognitively deliver the same 24/7 with utmost efficiency.
  5. Act: AI can implement changes to optimize performance, deploying security measures to mitigate risks, or initiating automated workflows to address issues detected within the infrastructure.

Harnessing AI’s capabilities to manage our IT infra is unequivocally reliable, as it will operate autonomously, discovers patterns and anomalies within the data, applies cognitive understanding to analyze and interpret the information, and takes proactive actions to optimize performance, enhance security, and ensure the reliability of the infrastructure with no human intervention (We cannot afford errors, right !?).

Well, the battle has just begun, let’s keep the commentary going!



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