Trapped in a mire of bloatware and expensive endpoint management tools?

Have you ever wondered when AI is storming the gates of every sector, why it hasn’t set its footprint much on IT infrastructure management, despite cloud computing is boasting that it is the future, and an army of conformists (MSPs) says we are Managing!! Oops!! Well, someone has to break the silence, right?

It’s because innovation hasn’t been done much on the infrastructure management arena despite a wide array of endpoint management tools out there. Managing your infrastructure could be arduous especially if you don’t have enough resources or skillful workforce to take care of. Also, if you are more into serving your customers day in day out, managing the IT Infra may not be your cup of tea, that’s where endpoint management tools come into play. Some of the key challenges that we face while managing the infrastructure are handling on-prem assets along with your remote workforce while striving to categorize them before acting, virtually servicing, no-compromise compliance, security audits, Quiet script roll outs, Security & performance patching, Intuitive Synchronous reports, resource management & the list goes on and on., these are just tip of the iceberg, definitely not limited to and isn’t going away anytime soon. Well, endpoint management tools are best suited for handling these intricate tasks with higher accuracy, robust reliability, lightning-fast delivery & lower monetary utilization or so they say.

Now that’s not the real question, while there are tons of mediocre tools out there, here comes the perplexity, choosing the solution best tailored to your needs which must be simple, secure & scrupulous with no human intervention.

Yeah, you heard it right! no human intervention! C’mon how is that even possible? I heard you! yeah MSPs does manage your infrastructure but the future isn’t about managing which neither innovates, optimizes nor adapts, it’s about ADACA (Autonomous Discovery Analyze Cognitive & Act accordingly). MSPs even cloud service providers don’t harness the power of AI, yes, they do automation, so does every tom, dick & harry which doesn’t necessarily mean they do it the right way & still requiring specialized workforce.

Well, what’s the solution then? let’s explore & keep the conversation going!!



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