Latin Mail Order Brides: Find a Latin Wife Online

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Latin Mail Order Brides

Girls from Latin America are not only frequent winners of beauty contests. They also often win first places in the hearts of American men.

If you also decide to look for a Latin mail order brides, we bring to your attention our guide, where we talk in detail about all the places and features of the search. To begin with, we will tell you about the best sites where you can find your Latin girl for marriage.

Best dating sites to find Latin women

  1. La-Date
  2. ColombiaLady
  3. LoveFort

#1 LoveFort

  • Best for — Flirt, romance, serious relationships with girls from Latin America
  • Visitors per month — 109 K Western men and Asian women
  • Women/Men — ~70%/30%
  • 🆓 Free features — Video streams with Latin American women
    Game People
  • Mobile app — No

#2 La-Date

  • Best for — Romance, dating, light and serious relationships with Latin lady
  • Visitors per month — 432 K Western men and single Latin women
  • Women/Men — ~65%/35%
  • 🆓 Free features — Creating profile
    Sending likes
  • Mobile app — No

#3 ColombiaLady

  • Best for — Romance, serious relationships, marriage with girls from Latin America
  • Visitors per month — 50 K men and South American women
  • Women/Men — ~70%/30%
  • 🆓 Free features — Creating profile
    Visiting profiles
  • Mobile app — No

#4 LatinWomanLove

  • Best for — Flirt, serious relationships, marriage with Latin females
  • Visitors per month — 12 K
  • Women/Men — ~60%/40%
  • 🆓 Free features — Creating profile
    Sending “Hello”
  • Mobile app — No

#5 LatinFeels

  • Best for — Flirt, casual dating, relationships with girls from Latin America
  • Visitors per month — 508 K men and girls from central and South America
  • Women/Men — ~75%/25%
  • 🆓 Free features — Creating profile
    Reading Newsfeed
  • Mobile app — No

#6 LatamDate

  • Best for — Romance, serious relationships, marriage with Latin lady
  • Visitors per month — 123 K
  • Women/Men — ~80%/20%
  • 🆓 Free features — Creating profile
    Visiting profiles
  • Mobile app — No

#7 LatinBeautyDate

  • Best for — Romance, serious relationships, marriage
  • Visitors per month — 5,1 K
  • Women/Men — ~85%/15%
  • 🆓 Free features — Creating profile
    Sending “Hello”
  • Mobile app — No

Latin brides: Who are the Latin mail order women?

There are many stereotypes about sexy Latin brides, but not all of them are true. We will tell you what Latin American girls really are.

  1. Latin brides for marriage are very open and emotional. Latin American women cannot hide their emotions. If Latina brides are happy, they show it. If you’re sad, you’ll see it, too. This is a big plus. The Latin bride is always sincere and will not be able to pretend that she loves you. You will not need to draw emotions out of her. It’s easy to live with Latin girls in a good way.
  2. Latin brides for marriage always know how to entertain themselves. Many Latin girls don’t know what boredom is. Latina brides are very active and know how to enjoy even small things. Latin American brides love to sing, dance, sports, meet friends, and cook delicious meals. A Latin mail order bride will always open something new for you.
  3. Latin brides for marriage are very good in love. If a Latina girl loves you, then she will do everything for you. The Latin mail order bride will be ready to make any sacrifice, go to any city, share joys and problems with you. They are temperaments, including in bed.
  4. Latina girls are monogamous. Casual dating or something like that is not about a Latina girl. If they have chosen a man, then they will be faithful to him, no matter how many years they have been in a relationship. For Latin ladies, family values ​​are very important, and they will never destroy a family for the sake of a short romance. It is just a Latin culture

Latin mail order bride statistics

  • According to forecasts, the number of Hispanic mail order brides in 2050 in the United States will reach 25% of the population
  • The percentage of married single Latin brides is gradually decreasing and in 2017 was 36%
  • In 2017, Latinos who were not in poverty had a higher marriage rate (52% among Latin women) than those who were in poverty (28% among Latin women).
  • The most popular among Latin America women are Mexican brides. In 2019, they received 1,675 K-1 visas.
  • The second most popular mail order bride from the Dominican Republic received 1,270 K-1 visas.
  • Total Hispanic brides received 9,747 K-1 visas in 2019

How much is a Latin mail order bride?

In general, the cost of online dating with a Hispanic bride will include the following expenses:

  • Online dating site costs
  • Expenses for a personal meeting with the bride (at least one meeting is mandatory for obtaining a K-1 fiance visa)
  • K-1 visa costs for your Latina mail order bride
  • Wedding expenses

We decided to look at each item in more detail so that you have a comprehensive idea of how much a Latin American bride costs.

👉 Dating platform spending

Millennials spend an average of 10 hours a week on online dating, according to research. At the same time, if you take dating seriously, you can meet the right Latin woman within 1–2 months using LoveFort or another site from our top.

One hour on mail order bride sites will cost you 8–20 dollars, depending on what service you use (letters, instant messages, video chat). So if you spend 10 hours a week on dating, then two months of dating will cost you $1,120.

If you order additional online dating services, for example, the delivery of gifts on the La-Date website, then the costs will increase by $ 100–200 per month.

Or, for example, you want to redeem the girl’s contact information, then it will cost about 300 dollars (depending on the package chosen) on the LatinFeels website.

👉Expenses for a personal meeting with Latin young brides

The simplest and most common option is when a man visits countries of Latino women. We decided to calculate how much a two-week meeting with Latin girls from 3 Latin American countries (top in issuing K-1 visas) will cost. To compile the table, we used information from Numbeo site and BudgetYourTrip site.

Latin countries
1. Mexico (Mexico City) — Flight tickets from/to Washington $300, Hotel room $400, Price of a meal for 14 days for two, including three restaurant visits per day $1,410, Price of transport for 14 days for one, monthly pass $12, Price of entertainment for 14 days for two $500. The total price $2,770

2. Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo) — Flight tickets from/to Washington $420, Hotel room$1,008, Price of a meal for 14 days for two, including three restaurant visits per day $550, Price of transport for 14 days for one, monthly pass $35, Price of entertainment for 14 days for two $364. The total price $1,369

3. Brazil (Brasília) — Flight tickets from/to Washington $770, Hotel room $784, Price of a meal for 14 days for two, including three restaurant visits per day $504, Price of transport for 14 days for one, monthly pass $32, Price of entertainment for 14 days for two $392. The total price $2,482

Thus, Mexico proposes the most expensive bride cost and the Dominican Republic is the most affordable in Latin countries.

👉 K-1 visa costs for your Latina bride

After a personal acquaintance with your Latin mail order wife, you can proceed to applying for a K-1 bride visa. The advantage of this visa is that it entitles Latin beauties to stay 90 days in the United States. During this time, you have the opportunity to get to know each other better and organize a wedding ceremony.

Applying for fiance visa for Latina wives consists of several stages:

  1. Filling out the I-129F for your future Latin wife form and submitting it to USCIS. This form gives an idea to the US government about who the person who wants to get a fiancé visa and the Latina bride is. The form contains biographical information and is fairly detailed. Form submission fee is $535 for Latin wives.
  2. The next step in obtaining a fiance visa is to pass an interview for your fiance visa. The purpose of this interview is to understand that your relationship is real, that you want to marry South American brides for love, and not out of selfish (friendly) motives. The form fee for this stage will average $1,225.
  3. Obtaining conditional permanent residence for a mail order Latin wife online. This stage comes after the wedding. It includes filling out various forms and submitting biometric data. The cost will be $1,225.

Thus, obtaining a fiancé visa and further obtaining a conditional permanent residence will cost an average of $2,290.

👉 The expenses of weddings with Latin brides in USA

In 2020, the average cost of a wedding in the US was $20,300. Spending per person averaged $300.

The most high-priced wedding expenses:

  1. Costs associated with the place of admission. This includes renting a hall, catering, and organizing entertainment. On average, renting a hall costs about $9,000. Meals cost an average of $62 per person.
  2. Wedding rings. On average, one engagement ring costs about $5,000, but the cost of jewelry knows no bounds, and it all depends on the brand, stone and size, as well as many other factors.
  3. Musical accompaniment. On average, it costs a couple $3,000, but if you want to save money, you can hire a DJ instead of a band, and then it will cost $1,000–15,000.
  4. Photographer. If you want to get a beautiful photo album as well as a video, then you will have to pay about $3,500 for everything together.
  5. Florist and decorations. On average, a couple spends $1,700 on flowers and decorations, but of course, you can optimize this amount depending on your needs and budget.

Husbands’ stories with Latin mail order brides

Latin mail order woman

My love story is not quite ordinary. We met on the LoveFort website 4 years ago. I immediately liked her: a very beautiful Latin woman, and her humor always cheered me up. We have already gone beyond the site and corresponded for hours… But at some point I got scared and thought that long-distance relationships are not for me. I abruptly stopped communicating with her and switched to American women.

But I still could not forget her, and a year later I restored the correspondence. We met, and I realized that she is exactly what I need, and it is worth all the difficulties.

We immediately began to apply for a fiance visa and have been happily married for almost two years.” — M. 35

“I met my Latin wife at La-Date. It was a common story. I was just flipping through different profiles until I saw her. I immediately liked her outwardly, and the questionnaire was very pleasant.

Latin mail order wives scam — How not to lose money?

Romantic scamming is a big problem for all dating site users. But you can avoid it if you pay attention to the simple signs of scamming.

  1. Too perfect photos. Of course, this is a moot point. Sometimes mail order brides hire photographers and use a lot of photoshop to look as attractive as possible, and they are not scammers. But we recommend paying attention to this sign if other points match.
  2. The Latin woman is constantly looking for reasons to ask you for money. In this case, the reasons may look very realistic. For example, her family has problems; she lost her job, and she urgently needs money to repair her car. Just think, why does she always come to you with these problems?
  3. The Latin woman puts off the real meeting. Today is the wrong moment, next month too, next quarter… There will never be a good moment if this Latin beauty is a scammer.
  4. The Latin girl asks for your credit card details. Don’t share them, even if you don’t know how it could hurt you. The scammers know.

How not to fall into the hands of scammers?

  • Don’t send money to a Latin beauty you don’t know, unless it’s money for tickets or a hotel.
  • Do not share your credit card information
  • Pay attention to the photos and words of the Latina woman. How real are her letters and photos?
  • Ask a lot of questions to understand what kind of person is actually communicating with you
  • Do not delay with video communication and with a meeting Latina mail order brides

Is mail ordering a bride legal?

Many men are concerned about the issue of mail order brides illegality and we decided to cover it in detail.

👉 Historical aspect. Mail order bride is an absolutely legal concept that originated in the 17th century. Initially, American men exchanged paper letters with their foreign brides, and this is how the concept was born.

Now, technology has made its adjustments. Now, under the mail order, brides are understood as Latin girls who are looking for a serious relationship and get acquainted through suitable international dating sites with Latina women. Such a bride, of course, cannot be ordered as a gift, bought and delivered. But you can start with virtual communication on dating websites, then move on to a real meeting and become a happy husband of a Latin bride.

👉Legitimate aspect. Another proof of the legality of the bride’s mail order is the presence of a K-1 bride visa for Latin women who want to marry Americans.

In addition, there is the International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act (IMBRA), created to protect Latin women and other foreign wives from the abuse of American men.

These acts establish some rules for men who seek a bride abroad. A man must be honest and open with a Latin bride and provide her with information about his finances, relationship with the law, marital status, and other personal information.

This is due to the fact that when moving to another country, a foreign bride is very much at risk and is in a vulnerable position, so a Latin bride must understand as clearly as possible what situation she will be in.

How do I find a Latina wife?

find a Latina wife

In order to find a Latina wife, you need to follow just a few simple steps:

  1. Register on international dating sites. We recommend choosing 3–5 dating sites to increase the reach of most Latin women for marriage.
  2. Create an attractive profile on dating sites. Your profile must necessarily include high-quality and interesting photos, as well as a presentation of you as a person from the best sides. In this case, you can meet Latin brides with high-quality profiles.
  3. Be active to meet Latin women. You need to get to know each other and keep looking until you meet the right Latina woman.
  4. Arrange a personal meeting. The most comfortable option is meeting a Latina wife in her country.
  5. Apply for a K-1 visa and pay the related costs.
  6. Organize a wedding ceremony with your Latino mail order bride.

Final thoughts about Latin brides

In conclusion, let’s sum up a few things:

  1. Hot Latin brides are the perfect choice for marriage: emotional, beautiful, passionate and loyal.
  2. The most popular, beautiful Latin women among American men are from Mexico, Brazil and the Dominican Republic.
  3. Costs for dating Latin mail order brides include dating site costs (about $500 per month), K-1 visa and residency costs (about $2,300), and wedding costs (depends on you, but $20,300 on average).
  4. To find a Latin American bride, you need to register on several specialized sites, create an attractive profile, and conduct regular and active dating mail order brides.

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