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Find a Mexican Wife Online

It is no secret that the number of Mexican immigrants in the USA is growing. A large group is represented by Mexican mail order brides, and people cannot stop discussing their motivation and chances to live a happy life with a wife from Mexico.

So, do these women use marriage as an excuse for migration? How many Americans marry Mexican girls? What do interethnic couples say about their family lives? You will find the answers to these and other important questions below.

Best Mexican Brides & Dates Sites

  1. LatiDate
  2. La-Date
  3. ColombiaLady

Demographic situation in Mexico & intermarriage trends

Before we start analyzing the main characteristics of interethnic marriages and the challenges most Latina-White or Latina-Black couples face, let us consider demographic statistics and some new social trends.

  • According to Statista, over 127 million people lived in Mexico in 2020. As for the male population, there were over 63 million men. Women outnumber men by more than 3 million — over 63 million females lived in Mexico in 2017. Consequently, Mexican brides for marriage face more fierce competition, which may be one of the reasons why so many women migrate not only to find a better-paying job but also to get married to someone.
  • Although women significantly outnumber men in Mexico, the number of newlyweds is still pretty large. In particular, in 2020, 335,563 marriages were registered in the country. This shows that the institution of the family has become even more significant in Mexican society.
  • The most common pairing among newlywed intermarried couples is a Hispanic and a white spouse in the USA. The number of interethnic marriages in America, like in most other countries, though, is constantly growing. The percentage of Hispanic-white couples is really high — it is about 42%.
  • If you are an educated Hispanic woman, you are more likely to marry a foreign guy. It sounds a bit surprising, but according to statistics, about 50% of Hispanic newlyweds with a bachelor’s degree were married to someone of different ethnicity.
  • The number of inter-ethnic marriages in the USA is constantly growing — in 1980, only 230,000 married someone of another ethnicity. In 2015, over 670,000 people married someone of a different race or ethnicity. Consequently, intermarriages are becoming more and more popular.
Mexican Bride

Interview with real Mexican mail order bride — Sofía

Who are you?

My name is Sofía, I’m 32 years old. I have a pretty good career, as I’m now running my own small business in Mexico, but I’m still single, and for the first time in my life, I’m really feeling ready to settle down and start a family. However, many Mexican men, I mean my peers, are already married, and they don’t always notify you about that when you meet them on dating sites. There are good single guys, of course, but most don’t want to settle down in the near future, and I realize that.

Why did you decide to become a Mexican mail order bride?

Well, I know for sure that American men are often more marriage-minded at this age. A friend of mine found a husband online, and they got married less than a year after they exchanged their first messages. A lot of people, including me, thought that just won’t last too long. But I know them both, we frequently meet as he immigrated to Mexico and I see how happy they are despite the fact they celebrated their wedding 2 years ago. So I guess I just believe that can happen to me too.

Also, I had some bad previous relationship experiences with local men. It’s not about ethnicity or nationality, of course, but there’s the part of me who believes that maybe I’ll be lucky enough to meet a nice guy from an entirely different social environment.

What dating site did you choose to find a foreign husband?

I chose La-Date, but that wasn’t the first website that I chose. I was trying to meet some on two other Mexican-American dating sites: a free platform and a premium site where I paid for a premium plan. On the first website, I received a lot of spam messages and explicit photos I didn’t actually ask for. On the second, all guys were 50 years old and older. I don’t mind dating someone older than me, but that must be a 10–15 year age difference max. On La-Date I just got access to the right dating pool, and most guys I’ve met here were pretty nice. So, I’m satisfied with the experience for now.

Why do you want to marry a foreigner? What are the main benefits for you?

For me, the main benefit is open-mindedness and the ability to compromise. I’m not the biggest fan of machismo culture, I don’t want to date a man who has jealousy issues, and I truly believe that a guy must be confident but must not put any pressure on a woman. I can search for such men in Mexico, but the chance to find such a person in the US or probably another country like Canada or maybe the UK is higher. Maybe, I’m wrong, but again, a friend of mine was lucky, so I guess I can be lucky too.

How would you describe your experience on the site? Do you feel popular?

I’ve been using it for less than a month, but I can already say that, yes, I feel popular. As I’ve noted previously, I don’t like it when a man is 20 years older than me, so I skip such profiles and don’t have long conversations with guys who obviously aren’t the perfect matches for me, but I also receive a lot of messages from men who I like. We usually have meaningful conversations as I’m trying to learn as much as possible about the person. I just want to find a partner faster, so I stop communicating with someone if I realize things just won’t work. I’m now talking with two men who seem pretty niche to me, but we should get to know each other a bit better.

Is there anything you don’t like about foreign guys?

Some are just too shy and don’t make any effort to keep a conversation going. That’s a weird quality for someone who’s looking for a wife online — if you don’t talk, how do you get close? Also, I don’t like the guys who believe that they can buy any of the single Mexican girls just because they have a mansion in the United States. Yes, gold diggers exist, and I’m definitely not going to deny that, but I’m extremely annoyed when a guy pays zero attention to my personality and starts a conversation with something like, “Hi, I’m rich, let’s date.”

What do you think about online dating scams? Have you ever faced it?

No, I haven’t. I just heard about them, and I know that everyone should be careful online, both a woman searching for someone and a man looking for a girlfriend. I got some safety tips from my friend who said I should never accept money from guys as it’s always a scam. I wasn’t planning to do it anyway, though.

Do you have any recommendations for men looking for Mexican mail order wives?

I just would recommend keeping in mind that on dating sites, we’re all adults seeking serious relationships. I wish all the members would be honest, open, and willing to get to know their potential partners and build that emotional connection. That’s the most important thing. Also, confidence is the key. And one last thing. Don’t pretend to be macho and don’t try to dominate. Not all Mexican women like that — it’s nothing more than just a stereotype.

How much does a Mexican mail order bride cost?

A man can’t just find a mail order bride in Mexico, pay a fixed price, and marry her. Things don’t work like that anymore. Men meet Mexican girls for marriage on dating sites, and the main things they pay for are online dating services and trips. Still, there are some other expenditures, and the price range is pretty wide. You can see it in the table below.

The average cost of mail order brides explained

  • Online dating services — $20-$150 a month
    Depends on the site and the subscription type
  • Trips — $4,000-$10,000+
    The cost of 2 two-week trips
  • Gifts & dates — $300-$5,000+
    Optional, largely depends on a person
  • Visa (without adjustment status) — $1,200
    For a bride who’s going to enter the US
  • Wedding — $50-$50,000+
    Optional, from the cost of a wedding license to a big celebration

💻 Cost of meeting & dating Mexican brides online

Those who want to meet Mexican brides intentionally seeking foreign men for dating and marriage can choose between two main categories of websites:

  • Dating sites with single Mexican women that offer premium membership plans. There are fewer sites with fixed prices for monthly premium plans, but they exist. The average cost of a premium for 1 month is around $50. Note that there may be VIP, Gold, and Diamond plans with certain sets of features, and some of them will be cheaper and some — more expensive. Unfortunately, in most cases, such websites don’t have extra special features like streaming, video chat, and gift delivery.
  • Dating sites/mail order bride sites with potential Mexican wives that offer credits. That’s a way more common scheme in the international dating and mail order bride market. Members of such platforms spend credits on specific services, and the costs vary greatly. Still, most users spend around $100 a month using video chat, messaging, gift delivery, etc.

So, a man who wants to find a Mexican bride online needs to choose between these two options. However, most prefer the sites from the second category. A man looking for a Mexican wife usually spends around a year on such platforms, so the total cost is likely to be around $1,200.

Still, it largely depends on his dating style — the number of women he contacts, the communication features he uses, etc.

✈️ Trips

Those who want to meet Mexican women on the web should consider another important thing — a man can’t marry someone he’s never met in real life. That’s just a myth. In the vast majority of cases, it’s a man who goes to a bride’s country, so you need to add trips to your list of expenses. How much exactly should you add?

Let’s take a look at the cost of 1 two-week trip to Mexico (these are the country’s average costs, so if you are going to Mexico City, they are likely to be higher):

  • Flight (the cost of a round-trip) — $500
  • Accommodation — $1,100
  • Food — $500
  • Local transportation — $300
  • Entertainment — $400
  • Total cost $2,800

Most men prefer to meet their Mexican girlfriends at least twice before they take more serious steps. So, consider the number of trips and your traveling style, and estimate the cost of meeting a future Mexican wife in real life.

🎁 Gifts and dates

Note that Mexican women seeking marriage will hardly expect a man to send them expensive gifts weekly or even monthly — that’s completely optional. But if you’re now planning your budget, consider that on Mexican dating sites, men can send gifts online, and they will be delivered right to the doorstep of a Mexican girl.

Also, if you’re planning to surprise a Mexican woman when visiting her in her home country, we recommend adding that to your list in advance. Of course, the costs vary, and in this case, they depend on a man and no one but him.

📃 Visa

All Mexican mail order brides who are going to enter the United States need a visa. If a woman is already a wife of an American citizen, she needs to apply for a foreign relative visa. If she’s just going to marry him, she needs to apply for a K-1 visa, and that’s an option that most Mexican brides and their future husbands usually choose.

The total cost of this visa is around $1,200, and the price includes:

  • Petition for an alien fiance(e) — around $500
  • Visa application — around $300
  • Biometrics and medical examination — up to $400

The foreign relative visa also costs around $1,200. However, those who are going to marry one of the Mexican brides should also consider that after a woman enters the country and gets married, she’ll need to apply for adjustment status, which will cost $1,200 more.

💍 Wedding expenses

You can get a wedding license for just around $50, and the rest depends on you. You are also free to choose the location — for example, a wedding in Mexico costs $10,000 on average, while in the US, the average price is $30,000.

If you have always been dreaming of a beautiful ceremony, consider this, too, and make a conscious choice.

What is it like to be married to a Latin wife: the results of empirical research

Who knows everything about interethnic, cross-cultural marriages? Of course, people who are married to someone of another ethnicity. We believe that empirical evidence is the most reliable when it comes to building an interethnic relationship, so if you’re going to meet hot Mexican brides online or offline, read this information first.

We chose the research based on the real experience of Latina-White couples in the USA to rely on. They are people who have already gone through all challenges, identified all pitfalls, and had tons of happy moments with Mexican ladies or women from other Latin countries.

So what do they think about interethnic Latina-White marriages?

Being an interethnic couple: a challenge or a piece of cake?

The most important thing is that the respondents said that “being an interethnic couple was not something that they paid attention to.” Moreover, most couples think that all romantic partners have different backgrounds, and the secret is to focus on each other’s strengths, not on the differences. If you’re going to date Mexican women, that’s the first thing you should consider.

Moreover, some respondents noted that they “didn’t feel like they were inter-anything.” In their opinion, you do not have to go through something extraordinary, something that mono-ethnic partners never face. Latino and American spouses note that the only reason why they are together is love and a strong wish to be together, which has no connection with ethnicity.

However, at the same time, they note that their differences were viewed as negative or positive depending on the situation and their emotions. Consequently, the differences may be annoying, but only if a couple already has certain problems.

In other words, they may be a stressor, just like anything else. Happiness in marriage depends only on the spouses themselves and their ability to compromise. The principle is simple — those who dream of dating Mexican women and keep this in mind succeed and have a happy family life. Those who don’t often fail.

Mexican girl

What about the support of the family?

A lot of men attracted to Latin, in particular Mexican ladies for marriage, have doubts about getting married to a girl from this country. Their hesitation is related to the fear that their families and friends will not accept her.

The respondents note that they tried to surround themselves with similar Latina-white couples — this really worked and allowed them to feel supported. As for the family members, most husbands note that their families were really supportive and that they felt pretty comfortable with their spouse’s families.

All in all, family is important for all brides from Mexico, and it’s not just about their husbands and children. The good news is that they are sociable and friendly, which makes it easier for them to assimilate.

bride from Mexico

What obstacles do interethnic couples face?

It would be a mistake to think that a regular man and a Mexican girl for marriage do not face any challenges at all. Read the info below carefully to find out how they cope with problems.

Communication barriers — Spanish Vs. English

We cannot say that, according to the survey results, there is a single strategy that allows them to break all communication barriers. In fact, each couple developed their own strategy, and most of them combined Spanish and English, but one of the languages was used more frequently.

What’s your opinion? Answer this question before you join one of the Mexican dating sites for marriage to find Mexican wife.

Besides, all spouses had the possibility to learn their spouse’s native language, but not all of them were happy about that. Most Hispanic mail order brides and their husbands usually speak English most of the time.

Moreover, most do not consider the language barrier a serious problem, at least when it comes to communication between Mexican mail order brides and their partners. But everything changes when it comes to interaction with relatives who do not speak English/Spanish at all.

A man who is dating a Mexican bride should learn some most common phrases and vice versa — this will help them find common ground with each other relatives.

Immigration & external stressors

As for immigration, two couples noted that they were stigmatized as foreign immigrants, in particular, because it was much easier for everyone to change a spouse’s undocumented status, and the dating process was relatively short.

Of course, it impacted how people who surrounded them viewed their marriage and relationship at large.

It must also be noted that almost all couples mentioned that people are skeptical about their relationship: one of the wives and her husband got married in Mexico and then moved to the US.

At least a few people did not hesitate to ask if their marriage was “for the papers.” Respondents note that this was one of the worst stressors. Nevertheless, this is not something you cannot cope with when you are in love (source).

Offline Vs. online dating — where to meet a Mexican wife?

Experts cannot stop discussing the phenomenon of online dating. Some of them claim that though it really allows a lot of people to build relationships, they do not work as well as “classic dating.” Some experts and researchers, in turn, note that maintaining a long-distance relationship is the only way for people to meet someone living outside their country or city, including those who want to find Mexican wife without leaving the US.

As for the survey we mentioned above, for one couple, a year of maintaining a long-distance relationship impacted their communication and improved their relationship.

I’m looking back, and I’m like: wow, long-distance, not seeing each other for a year, but it ended up; I think it’s a really positive thing as far as communication goes because I think we are really in tune with each other.

More and more people from all around the globe prefer not to rely on Cupids or luck, especially if these people live in Western countries. The thing is, Americans and other Westerners have modern values and believe that lack of control is not a good thing, even when it comes to love.

People worldwide want to see the results after they spend their time and money on something, and online dating is much better in this aspect, just due to the effective matchmaking algorithms.

Of course, you can move to Mexico or just go there for a vacation, hoping to meet someone. However, as we have noted before, fewer and fewer people prefer to just hope instead of taking control of all parts of their lives, including romantic relationships.

Besides, not all men are ready to spend a fortune, change their lives dramatically, and leave family and friends to meet a Mexican woman for marriage. No wonder a lot of guys choose dating websites or social networks. Yes, they face certain difficulties. In particular, that’s not always easy to find real Mexican brides. But still, what works better?

Dating sites or social networking sites: which option to choose?

If you are living in the US or any other country of the Western World, not in Mexico itself, looking for a wife online is a much better option than moving to another country and relying on luck. But the thing is that the dating industry is often associated with not-so-good things, from breakups to money-hungry women. Is everything really this bad?

Of course, it is not. The thing is, you need to know how to choose the right website. Some may argue that there is no need to pay for a dating site (let us be honest, most good sites are not free to use), but in fact, dating sites have a lot of strong points:

  • Though most of them are paid sites (the company needs to pay salaries, pay for the servers, domain, data security systems), they are also safe — money is a kind of barrier for those who want to join the site for personal gain.
  • Every man choosing a Mexican dating site can be sure he will find thousands of Mexican brides who want the same — to build a relationship with their match. In other words, this is the best way to meet those who are interested in building a relationship as much as you are.
  • Most respondents noted that long-distance relationship strengthens feelings. This is mostly due to the top communication services like video chatting, instant messaging, and the possibility to exchange gifts — all these things allow making a relationship romantic and as real as possible.

There is no denying that these are the benefits of a niche dating website and not social networking sites. The latter can also be used for building a relationship with someone from another country, though, but people who choose this path need to spend more time and effort to achieve their goals.

Mexican wife

In search of a Mexican wife — Conclusion

Generally speaking, choosing a Mexican girl for marriage is the most convenient option for those who are searching for a country where foreign men have a big advantage over locals and where ladies are more conservative.

It is no secret that local women do not forget about traditional family values; therefore, they are good matches for Western men raised in conservative families.

The best thing for American men is that American culture greatly impacts Mexican culture and that though some people are skeptical about the motivation of these ladies, cross-ethnic marriages are becoming more and more common in society.

This, in turn, means that interethnic couples have a good chance to overcome all challenges and even get support from family and friends. Still, if you’re going to meet local girls, learning more about the culture is always a good idea, and we’re talking not just about Mexican wedding traditions but also about local values and priorities in life.

This article can contain sponsored content. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.