Conservative Christians and Trump

We currently have a President in the White House who berates reporters, fails to acknowledge previous mistakes (this can especially be seen with his failure to admit that he did not take COVID-19 seriously enough), and for being a misogynist. He berates the CEO of GM (Mary Barra) and the governor of Michigan (Gretchen Witmer). What I find most appalling about this whole situation is not actually Donald Trump himself. Don’t get me wrong, there are many things I find repulsive about Donald Trump. What I find most appalling is that conservative Christians have hitched their wagon to Trump. Some have called Trump a godsend and others use language of Trump being appointed by God to lead the nation. And as a Christian, while I believe that Trump has been appointed by God, I would never use that appointment to justify support in the form of monetary aid or an official endorsement for a President who fails to put the nation before his own agenda, who disregards the hallowed traditions of our American democracy, and a President who is so blatantly sexist.

Support for President Trump in the manner outlined above is only possible for a Christian who serves an idol. There is the idol of nationalism. There are Christians who want to return to times when white people dominated the nation. And there are even Christians who want to go so far as to put “women in their place”. None of these things, especially in the manner that they’re expressed, are Christian agendas. These are agendas that have severely clouded the judgment of some Christians into the worship of an idol. I hate that as a Christian, I am identified with the likes of those who have distorted the Gospel into an agenda for their own benefit.

Just trying to think through writing.