That day in 2011..

I don’t really talk to any auto driver, but that day I was leaving from my institute (JEE Preparation) after a long class and was tired.

Auto Driver (AD): Returning from class?

Me: yes.

AD : Where do you study?

Me: FIITJEE. ( Name of my institute)

AD : Oh that’s a good institute.

Me: How do you know?

AD : My son used to study there.

Me (confused) : okay .. but…

AD : I know what you are thinking. How can an autodriver afford such a high fee for 2 years of coaching.

Me : (Just nodded with a surprised expression.)

AD : I took a loan from a local lender by giving everything I had as a guarantee. I was able to make ends meet and successfully sent my son to FIITJEE. Seeing his dedication, his teachers gave him extra attention and also helped him financially by exempting fee and other discounts.
He got good marks in JEE and got admitted to IIT Kanpur.

Me: That’s really nice. Then?

AD : He worked very hard at his college and stopped calling home. I understood that his workload gave him limited time to talk to us. After his graduation, he went to USA through campus and got placed in a big MNC. I paid back my loan and was happy for him.

Me: Where’s the problem then?

AD : It’s been 9 years since he graduated and went to USA. We have talked only 10 times.

Me: Why?

AD: He stopped talking much once he went to college. As soon as he got the job he went to USA and started talking even less. He just calls me on my birthday and just wishes me and says he’s busy. He sends me loads of money every month, enough to lead a normal life. But, I don’t take his money. It’s of no use to me. I didn’t teach him for the money or the return. I just wanted him to be independent. The money still rests in my bank account and I went back to my older lifestyle. I drive auto all the day to prevent boredom and depression.

Me: That’s very sad uncle.

AD : You are also like my son, will you promise me something?

Me: What?

AD : You will never leave your parents. No matter how rich you get, no matter how much you progress in your work, you will always be in contact with your parents. Always! Your parents work hard to educate you. They educate you to be independent , but they will always be dependent on you. On your love, care and ultimately your Presence.

Me: I promise you uncle. I will always be with them.

(Reached my home )

AD : It was nice talking to you son.

Me: Same here uncle. And thanks for the lesson.

AD: All the best for your studies.

I rushed inside my home and gave mom and dad a big hug.
And I promised myself, wherever I go I will always be in contact with my parents.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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