1 Word, 1 Thought #1

Vending Machine: Dating

My single friends hate dating in 2017. I constantly laugh because to me it looks easy. Figure out what you want, and make it work. Nah. Not that easy. My guy friends tell me they hate dating because you have to spend money trying to wine and dine a lady only for her to fall off the map like she’s an undercover agent. To me it’s because women have options to work with and at that moment in time you don’t fit the taste. My lady friends always tell me that they’ll fall for a guy with so many pros but that ONE con is so overwhelming that they just can’t do it. It’s like she’s headed to the “vending machine” for something to snack on. She wants the Snickers *see what I did there*, but she knows that goes against her diet. If she gets it, better believe the next time she goes back she’ll pick something basic like Gardetto’s. There’s a chance she still won’t be satisfied though.

So how does dating work? I couldn’t do it in this era. I feel like those dating apps really skewed peoples perceptions on what it really means to form a connection with the opposite sex. No judgement though to those people who rely on apps to find love. Get it how you live.

I came up in an era when there wasn’t so much pressure to “date”. I like you, you like me, so let’s just hang out and go to the movies. I also can admit that I probably sucked at dating which attributed to my many successful relationships. *Sarcasm* I couldn’t imagine the trouble that would come along if a dating app was around when I dated. The closest thing I had was was created by Tom. Yeah, I’m talking about www.myspace.com Myspace was fun because if your profile was lit, they would come! Easy peasy. No swipe right, no wasted conversation just to kill time with no intentions of ever meeting up. No creepy stuff either.

Sometimes we go to vending machines with no idea what to get but leave spending soooo much coin. Sometimes that tasty candy bar gets stuck though and you forced to make a decision with no much time for thinking. Shake the machine or take another chance on getting what you really want. My advice, skip the machines and bring your own food to the party.

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