*Asking for a friend*

Q: How many people honestly can say they’d never pursue or sleep with someone that was in a relationship already?

My immature self could never understand why women would always say “I’d never sleep with a married man…” My assumption was that this was a big cardinal sin when it came to women. Another assumption was that most women would never admit to this because of that big sin factor and fear of ultimate judgement from other women. Also, in my mind, I always thought that if you asked a man if he’d sleep with another mans wife or girlfriend that the answer would be a definite YES! This is based off the premise that men are complete dogs and women are complete angels.

At the end of the day it comes down to plain old respect.

I used to ask myself that same question…”What would you do Brandon?” My honest answer to that question is…


I couldn’t actively pursue a women knowing she was in a relationship. No matter if that relationship was amazing to her or if it sucked. Principles and morals factor into this mindset as well. Savages have no fear or care for the weak. I maybe am not that savage. Look, I’m not the best man ever and I do not have all the answers to say that I’m the best man ever at being in relationships, nor am I placing myself above others. It’s simply hard for me to wrap my head around the concept of interfering with something that is in place already. It’s a weak trait for someone to have in my opinion. I could never imagine being soooo in “like” with someone I knew was committed to someone already.

Contradictory Statement: We as humans can’t control who we become sexually attracted to or mentally involved with.

I have these random conversations from time to time and I have to get my perspective out, and this is my best way of doing so. No judgment on my part by any means. People can go and do as they please.