Gravity is real, and your greatest fear has set in.

The only two options are to continue to fall, or reach up one hand at a time and pull.

Perception is everything, but can easily be changed with persistence.

Fault is solo. What is the problem and how can it be fixed?

Process is hard but the end result is easy.

Life has a beginning and ending, this is something no one accepts or knows but ONE.

The middle is filled with joy, pain, wins, losses, hurt, and happines.

Choices with answers predicted no matter the choice.

Good versus Evil.

Why’s and what ifs.

When and where.

It goes by quick because time doesn’t stop and never will, but has time even really begun?

Existence can be spoken, and thought.

Honesty is hard to come by because the truth hurts.

Energy and attitude carry a lot of weight. Keep that same consistent energy.


Forever is lost.

Now is gone.