The idea for this project was born inside my workflow as a Ux Designer, as a way to improve it. The idea was to create a plugin to be used in the sketch, a software used by designers to draw mockups, that would transform and switch a theme from light to dark mode automatically.

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After a few months working as a UX designer, I recognized repetitive tasks that could be automatized in the design workflow, while working with the sketch to design mockups. One of those tasks was, from a fully designed mockup, generate a dark theme design from the original.

After presenting this idea to the company, that I’m currently working, they not only valued it but also gave me the time and encouragement to work on it, so that's what I did.

Before I could start coding I did deep research on UI dark mode principles, trying to- recognize patterns and how each different element changes when transformed into dark mode. …


Beanes Diogo

Enjoy coding, illustration and typography.

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