Social Media Content Plan Ideas: September


Arrrr, me ‘earties, tis the most Piratey month of the year approachin’, with Talk Like A Pirate day washin’ up on our shores on September 19! We’ve also got big events like the Paralympic Games, R U OK Day and my favourite reminder of the year: make your bed day!

Pencil in these swash-bucklin’ dates into your calendar and I’ll see you next month!

September Key Dates

September 1
 Social September

September 2
 Birdsville Races

September 3
 Sea Week

September 4
 Father’s Day (AUS)

September 5
 International Bacon Day
 Be Late for Something Day
 Cheese Pizza Day
 National Landcare Week

September 6
 Read a Book Day
 Fight Procrastination Day

September 7
 Paralympic Games
 National Threatened Species Day

September 8
 R U OK Day

September 10
 Swap Ideas Day

September 11
 Make Your Bed Day

September 13
 Roald Dahl’s birthday
 Who Do You Think You Are? 7:30pm SBS

September 16
 Guacamole Day

September 17

September 19
 International Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 22
 International Peace Day

Hobbit Day
 World Car-Free Day
 World Maritime Day

September 25
 Comic Book Day

September 26
 School holidays start (NSW)

September 28
 Ask a Stupid Question Day
 Hug a Vegan Day

September 29
 International Coffee Day

September 30
 AFL Grand Final Friday

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