The press needs to stop covering the Trump administration like it is a normal administration

It’s gone all far enough. Much, much too far.

Today, the Trump administration barred The New York Times, Buzzfeed, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, and Politico from entering a press briefing.

Only the Associated Press and Time Magazine boycotted the briefing to stand in opposition to the selective choosing of particular media outlets allowed to attend. This needs to stop—every single outlet of good standing needed to boycott that press briefing today.

The old ways of clamoring for access to the daily briefings or special press conferences with the President himself need to be rethought. The Trump administration is doing everything they can to attack a free press and turn them into “the enemy of the American people!” as he said in a since-deleted tweet. So the free press needs to do everything they can to continue holding the government accountable.

The since-deleted tweet.

The press needs to treat the Trump administration differently, which means standing together when they bully reporters, make racist remarks, belittle reporters, and bar them from coming into briefings.

These two reporters, Jake Turx and April Ryan, should have had the support of the other press outlets when they were treated this way. Why did no one else in that room stand up for them?

The Trump administration’s tactics are clear: they employ an aggressive stance to get reporters asking tough questions to be intimidated into backing down, therefore avoiding the tough questions all together. Has anyone in the administration actually said ONE single thing on the Russian connections other than calling it “fake news”?

I am calling out The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, Politico, The Atlantic, Buzzfeed, NPR, PBS, BBC, Reuters, The Associated Press, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Bloomberg, Slate, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, The Guardian, Vice, The Economist, Esquire, and every other single media outlet and reporter who cares about a free press. Change your strategy for covering the Trump administration.

Can you imagine a day where Trump is not mentioned once in any of your outlets? Oh how he would loathe it! He thrives on this fight he is waging on the press, lashing out and labeling anyone who stands up to him as “fake news”.

Don’t give him the option to even do it, this battle empowers him and reinforces him. Link arm-to-arm outside of the briefings, let Sean Spicer speak to a room of empty chairs. Write nothing of the administration for a full day and how quickly we might see a much different tune. Do not continue the old ways, we need new ways of making it clear a free press will not be diluted in America—not now and not ever.