Handling HVAC Emergencies

The HVAC system installed in your home is responsible for providing you with comfort and peace of mind all year along. So, why panic when it demands 24/7 emergency HVAC service?

Being a complex appliance, chances are high that one or the other part of the system might just conk off without notice. What’s more, when the market is flooded with innumerable companies providing the 24/7 emergency HVAC service, then what’s the problem?

HVAC Issues

The problem lies in the unwelcome discomfort and the associated costs. Some of these emergencies cannot be avoided, while most of them could probably be controlled by being attentive at the right time.


So, if you too have been neglecting repair, maintenance and timely service of your HVAC system, then here’s what you might have to bear with in the near future.

  • An HVAC system which would function uninterruptedly for 15 years would probably fail to perform after 9–10 years; thanks to the neglect. Parts of the AC when attended to timely do not wear off fast. Cleaning internal components, adjusting belts, lubricating moving parts etc promise a healthy and longer lifespan.

For instance: One part highly prone to dust and dirt are the air filters. When clogged with dust, these filters fail to provide proper air flow. Instead of neglecting this, it is advisable to call the technician and get them cleaned or replaced as need be. Else, the system will need to work harder to supply air, thus, leading to increased work load and higher energy utilization and increased wear and tear of parts. What’s more, the quality of indoor air also suffers.

  • Sometimes, home owners simply ignore a soft sound from the system, improper air flow or reduced ability to cool or heat as a minor issue. However, these problems mostly demand small and affordable repair like cleaning clogged coils, filters, removal of corrosive elements in the blower and more so. However, when left unattended, this small problem moves on to damage certain parts in a way which demand expensive repairs or replacement of the entire HVAC system.
  • Neglect also robs the system of its energy efficiency. When the system works harder to perform due to a damaged or worn off part, it certainly utilizes more power, gas or more so. Soon, the utility bills begin to escalate, while causing further damage to the system too.
  • Safety is yet another primary concern often ignored by home owners. Did you know that neglecting HVAC repairs can lead to ill-health in case of carbon-monoxide leakage, impure indoor air and more so? What’s more, a mechanical failure is also capable of causing a fire accident.

Now that you know the consequences of neglecting maintenance and repair, keep your eyes and ears open, and care for your HVAC system well in time. Ideally, maintenance twice a year with the experts is advisable; once in autumn and once in spring.

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