Fascinating and really exciting to see something which has the potential to revolutionise the…
Pam Kennett

Hi Pam. Thanks for the questions. There wasn’t any training required for reviewers. Each question had a couple of bullet points of guidance on how it should be scored. Reviewers interpret this guidance differently, but that’s ok as we don’t expect every persons judgement to be identical. Your right getting the questionnaire / multiple choice test right does take some upfront effort. The Behavioural Insights Team had questions that they had used before which helped them in this case. But as well as how the test is designed, the way in which its results are analysed is important. For example we found after interviewing successful candidates that some questions could be googled, not a massive surprise but alway good to check. We were also able to look at per question performance for different groups, to see if the actual test content contained bias. With this analysis you can then make sure to iterate and improve on test content each time is it used. I think large employers tend to buy in tests, but we’re working with some mid sized employers who have made their own. We are doing some work with grad recruitment ourselves, so do reach out if you wanted to share more notes. Cheers theo@beapplied.com

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