Turbine Experience in Ontario

As told to BEARAT via email from Malcolm Mackinnon of Bruce County:

“I live on a point that sticks out into Lake Huron, We have 181 turbines within a 20 minute drive. We had more meetings and groups to fight this than anyone could imagine. We held it back in court but I will tell you its almost impossible to stop. A “Stop the Turbines” sign was on every second pole but we couldn’t do it.
From our house on the point we can see 300 or so flashing red lights. Problems unforeseen, the farmers got $.80 / Kilowatt Hour- worked out to about 8 grand a year. They tell me they would never do it again, the roads have crushed all their drainage tiles in the fields; Hydro One sold the turbines to Suncor- a breach of the contract, that loop hole was hidden in the fine print. There are a lot of rumors around that now that the turbines are up Suncor is going to reduce the rate to $.35 / Kilowatt Hour.
I spoke to one lady, she was in tears telling me that her and her husband worked all their life to buy their perfect country home. It was a dream come true- until they put a turbine 200 meters away. Constant “Whop Whop Whop” of the blades as they past the mast, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. She started to feel nauseated, headaches, and then became sick. Her husband the same, her dog the same. Great West Life wouldn’t insure them. Their health was more important than living there so they decided to sell. After a long wait they sold for almost two thirds of what they paid just a few years before.
All homes close to the turbines went down in value anywhere from a quarter or a third. A group of home owners applied to MPAC to try to lower their evaluation, Some got it reduced, some didn’t.
Kathleen didn’t come here campaigning- she was busy buying votes in Toronto.”

BEARAT was also provided the following images, along with this message:

“This is the fifth one that has had a blade break in the wind. This turbine has been on the job for almost six months. Our hydro in the month of August has been off five times for a total time of 6 hours. If we ever get a tornado of significane keep an eye in the sky for flying blades. I am sure now, it is not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN someone will be killed by these things.”