To My Liberal White Friends:

The Words You Don’t Want To Hear

Is ya’ll good?

Do you get it now?

You’ve been allies for years, espousing all of the liberal talking points, do you now understand just how far our country, as a whole, has to go?


Good! Because this right here is your fault. This election isn’t on the shoulders of third party voters or “hicks who can’t even vote their own self-interest;” it is on the liberal, White elite who so enshrined themselves in their echo chambers that they refused to acknowledge that their pro-Trump friends and family existed. Refused to acknowledge that they knew people, who they had once considered intelligent, who had come to a different conclusion.

We live in a generation so interconnected, our world has become so small, that we no longer feel the need to interact with people who don’t agree with us. We block. We de-friend. We delete comments. We convince ourselves that they don’t exist. Well… they do. “They” just won control and a measure legitimacy to “their” view of America. And, I’m not the one who can convince them to change, you are.

You grew up together. You went to school together. You danced. You played. You bled. You cried. You kissed. You knew one another. You have the opportunity to have the hard conversations. You made it out and grew. Talk. Listen. Communicate.

Because that’s where this entire election, all of the polls and forecasts, failed. You sat in your bubble of elite liberalism, with your college degrees and city wiles, and said, “no one I know would vote for Trump!” When the truth, what you really should have been saying was, “no one I associate with would vote for Trump.”

You dismissed your old friends who never left your town. You ignored your uncle who was actively voting against your safety. You blocked the acquaintance who asked the ignorant question on your wall. You mocked, derided, and scoffed at their candidate. You insulated yourself in a bubble of educated urban privilege and now those chickens have come home to roost.

The work going forward isn’t moving to Canada. It’s not deleting all of your friends who offend you with their pro-Trump stances. It is not continuing to only consume media that affirms your worldview. The work is settling in and forcing yourself to have the conversations they will never listen to from my Black mouth. If you want to espouse your liberalism, if you want to talk about being an ally, then start doing that bare minimum amount of work. That’s the next step and it begins today.

Talk to your people.

Cause all this…it’s on you.