Tks Barry. This paper by the Bank of England provides a very good explanation:
Michael Andrew Haines.

I resonate with what you are trying to do from a personal value perspective of looking at a problem, especially a large systemic problem that feels like an unshakable reality, and doing what you can to shift the path of humanity onto, hopefully, a better course.

The problem with tackling these big problems is properly scoping all contexts that interface, intertwine and influence the given situation.

I’m curious on the deeper what-and-how of the system you propose, but caution that there are tools and the way people use those tools. It’s usually the latter half of that statement that needs serious contemplation and guidance rather than a new tool.

Blockchain/cryptocurrency is a technological tool that is objectively evolving the wealth exchange system from a double ledger to triple ledger system. But the subjective valuation of the cryptocurrencies and ensuing interactions reflect the general current state of mind of the people using that tool.

I too dove into creating a new system, but I’ve been re-contemplating as I take into perspective the people that would use such a tool and the bigger real problem of how and why we value things the way we do. An example of this is my dive into decentralization and the discovery of great intentions cancelled out by old habits. A great documentation of interfacing with this problem is OuiShare’s decentralization experiment where values of working within a system of abundance find conflict with the members coming to it from a system of scarcity.

This isn’t any attempt to derail what you are trying to achieve, but to cultivate awareness of differing perspectives and insights. [Insider conversation: Like the conversation on the fermatcommunity.slack. BTW, I’m @bearcanrun on there too].

Once again, please do continue to write and reveal. I need to do the same as well.

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