#100DaysOfCode#Day2 Speeding Up

After making a firm decision of following this 100 days of code, day 1 went smooth as I started making a website of my facebook page Be-khauff Aazad Hain Jeena Mujhe. I added most of the content using HTML and CSS ,and in the process revised the CSS again which i found that i have almost forgotten.
Yesterday I learnt a new feature also that’s quite interesting of audio buttons which i found while learning the first video of Javascript30.com. I will surely post a blog related to this when i will make it completely.
Yesterday I also tried for learning few new things from FreeCodeCamp’s front end development where I tried few concepts of Javascript and also a bootstrap with which I prepared a webpage as given in the task.
For day 2 , I have decided to contribute few more things towards the website and start learning JAVASCRIPT from javascript30.com. I found the tutorial quite interesting and will try to complete it in 45 days.
This is all set for day 2, lets see how much will i able to follow. Thanks for reading this and please comment your views below and like the blog.
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