Google Translate:Moved from Phase to Neural

Image Translator from Google

“Google’s Translate feature uses Phase translation which is similar to detecting words from a pile of thick books. But in the recent few decades we have seen a large advancement in MACHINE LEARNING and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE which made development in computers also. Recently we have heard of Mark Zuckerberg working on Jarvis which works on the same principles of AI.

So a recent news came in November 2016, when Google using Machine Learning created Multilingual Neural Machine Translation System. With the help of this Google Translate became much more efficient. The previous Phase version was faster but it’s only drawback was that it doesn’t understand linguistic patterns and simply output the result. Also as development the number of languages increases from few to 103 and it will help people of different linguistic origin.

It is basically a framework made by google which became much smart than expected. It uses the most hot shot technologies of the recent decades Neural Systems and Artificial Intelligence. For me the best part of this new framework is that like if you know Hindi and you learned English but later you wanted to communicate to your Japanese friend in Japanese then it will surely going to help you as it uses the common link between the two languages Hindi. The basic reason of this is that earlier in Phase based translation each language pair have its separate neural pair so it becomes hard to combine all, but now in this new framework they made every language in a common neural system and this helped them to come in contact with multiple languages at one time.

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Also in a recent Student Interaction at IIT Kharagpur Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai gave a little hint that they are working towards making google voice modulation versatile so it can even reach villages among women. He said they are working on increasing the dialects and speaking tone so that it can easily work and help people in village. He said all this as the agenda of Google for India’s development.

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