Playing Overwatch Professionally

When most of us think about playing video games, we often think of sitting on the couch, casually playing alone or with friends or family. The age of playing games online with people from across the world is relatively new, and while most people understand that, there are a lot of people who don’t realize how competitive and professional some of these online players can be.

Alex (@Ogireach) after our interview in my apartment.

I have never understood how someone goes about playing a video game professionally. But, one of my friends, Alex who goes by the name Ogi is working his way up to playing the game Overwatch professionally with some of his friends.

Overwatch is a first-person shooter with a high emphasis on teamwork, as the goal of each game is not to get the most kills or least deaths, but rather to complete an objective. This emphasis on teamwork is heightened bu the game having players choose between over 25 different characters with different abilities. Players need to choose heroes that they are comfortable with as well as heroes that will benefit their team.

Alex plays in the flex support position for team Crylius. Playing flex support means that when his team needs him to, he can support them in healing anyone that needs it. But, he can also go and deal some major damage to the other team as well. He can do this by playing as his favorite character, Zenyatta, a character who can heal single team members at a time while also dealing extra damage to single enemy players.

Playing Overwatch with the goal of going pro is no easy task. Alex has to play the game for multiple hours a day, almost every day of the week, discussing strategies with his teammates as well as just trying to get better at the game. Alex says that “the first thing you need to do to be a professional Overwatch player is to be really good.” Not to be blunt, but if you aren’t good at the game, there isn’t a way to get on a high professional team. So, to get good at the game, Alex spends many hours not only playing the game, but also watching others play and listening to analysis and critiques of games that have been played.

Alex’s desk set up for when he plays Overwatch.

Even though playing Overwatch and trying to go pro isn’t easy, Alex is optimistic. Saying that he loves to play the game and the idea of playing professionally, Alex doesn’t mind the hard work it will take to get to the professional level that he wants to get at. Giving up and hanging the towel isn’t an option in Alex’s mind, “if I stop then I’m never going to make it.” This is the mentality that Alex has with regards to Overwatch, and one that I think is admirabile.

Alex’s passion for Overwatch is very admirable. Everyone has a dream that they think is impossible to reach and might give up on making it. But Alex is doing his best to achieve that dream, and that is really cool to see.

Anyone reading can find Alex and his team, Crylius, on Twitter @Ogireach and @crylius. Twitter is where they will post when they are playing as well as how to watch.